Global Kratom Coalition Applauds California Senate Health Committee for Passing Assembly Bill 2365

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- The Global Kratom Coalition (GKC) commends the California Senate Health Committee for the successful passage of Assemblymember Matthew Haney's AB 2365. This significant legislative milestone marks a pivotal step toward establishing comprehensive regulations for the kratom industry in California, ensuring the safety, quality, and responsible sale of kratom products.

"Today's approval by the Senate Health Committee is a major step toward making AB 2365 California law," said Matthew Lowe, Executive Director of the Global Kratom Coalition. "The Committee's decision reflects a strong commitment to consumer safety through well-researched, science-backed standards. These standards recognize the complexities of the evolving kratom marketplace and the importance of distinguishing quality kratom products. As this bill moves forward, we encourage the California Legislature and kratom advocates from all sectors to support this essential bill."

AB 2365 introduces a comprehensive framework designed to safeguard consumers while maintaining access to leaf kratom and kratom extracts. Key provisions of the bill include defining what constitutes leaf kratom and kratom extracts, establishing packaging and labeling standards, enforcing age restrictions for purchases, requiring registration and rigorous testing protocols for kratom processors, and specifying enforcement measures for violations.

Of specific importance is that AB 2365 ensures that kratom products do not contain synthetic “kratom” derivatives that could create highly potent, adulterated products. In conjunction with this, the bill limits the metabolite 7-hydroxymitragynine (7OH) to 1% of the total alkaloid fraction in a kratom product. 7OH is found in almost undetectable amounts in dried kratom leaf, which limits the effect of this compound, which has a high affinity to opioid receptors. Manipulating kratom products to increase their potency artificially involves adding more than 1% 7OH as a fraction of total alkaloids, which makes them adulterated. Setting these limits ensures consumers are not inadvertently consuming dangerously potent products. 

“Assemblymember Haney’s holistic approach in AB 2365 not only prioritizes consumer safety through robust safety measures but also ensures access to accurately labeled and responsibly formulated kratom products,” said Lowe. 

The GKC emphasizes that continued support for AB 2365 is critical to its ultimate success. The Coalition urges all stakeholders, including legislators, industry participants, and consumers, to advocate for the bill's passage.

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About the Global Kratom Coalition

The Global Kratom Coalition (GKC) exists to protect and expand access to leaf-based kratom around the world. The organization represents the interests of advocates committed to positive change benefiting consumers. The organization supports education and the development of kratom science, which is central to the GKC’s mission—to empower individuals worldwide with access to safe and responsibly sourced kratom products by advancing scientific research and sensible regulation.

The GKC operates on five key values:

  • Access: The belief that individuals should have a choice as to how they look after their health, informed by the latest unbiased information available.
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