heywell Levels Up Lemonade with New Lemon Fizz Flavor Supporting Energy and Hydration

Women-owned and Chicago-based brand pivots innovation in the wake of Foxtrot's closing

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CHICAGO, IL -- Today, heywell—the women-owned beverage brand on a mission to help people meet the demands of modern life—launches its newest flavor and the perfect summer sip, energy + hydrate sparkling lemon fizz, made with a stack of ingredients to help support balanced energy and hydration. 

Only 10 calories and 1 gram of sugar, heywell’s newest flavor is made with a deep stack of plant-based ingredients including 75 mg of organic caffeine (like a small cup of coffee), l-theanine (an amino acid that helps ensure your energy boost doesn't come with jitters), schisandra (an antioxidant berry that supports stress), pink Himalayan sea salt, potassium and magnesium (to help support hydration). It's delicious, tart yet sweet and a great companion to summer adventures.

Lemon fizz was originally created as a follow-up to heywell’s successful 2023 energy + lift cherry limeade collaboration with retailer Foxtrot Market. However, if you follow CPG pop culture, you can probably guess where this is heading … Foxtrot sadly closed their doors this spring. Like many other suppliers, this abrupt closing put a squeeze on heywell’s summer plans. BUT when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, or better yet Lemon Fizz. Plans for launching heywell energy + hydrate lemon fizz have pivoted but no less fun or impactful.
  • heywell has now launched Lemon Fizz with Amazon just in time for Prime Day, and the new flavor can also be found on the brand's website, livingheywell.com.
  • The new flavor is also part of an exciting new variety pack offering on Amazon. heywell’s energy variety pack is made exclusively of heywell's best selling energy SKUs: energy + focus sparkling strawberry lemon, energy + lift sparkling cherry limeade along with the newly launched energy + hydrate lemon fizz. 
  • The first batches of Lemon Fizz x Foxtrot labels had already been sent to production before the heywell team received the news about the closing, so heywell seeded those cans among the new Lemon Fizz 12-pack cases on Amazon for a fun Willy Wonka Golden Ticket-style giveaway. 
  • Consumers are encouraged to post about their surprise cans with hashtag #makinglemonsoutoflemonade in social, and they'll receive a special gift and discount on their next purchase from the heywell team.

"Our new energy + hydrate lemon fizz covers functional beverages' largest consumer subsegments, energy + hydration. Lemon Fizz is the perfect companion for a hot sunny day," says Ashley Selman, co-founder of heywell. "Every entrepreneur is familiar with a good pivot. We've loved our collaborations with Foxtrot and look forward to their return. While this new extension didn't launch the way we intended—in a partnership with one of our favorite retailers—we know the consumer response will be fabulous and we're looking forward to getting it in everyone's hands this summer."

heywell is sold on Amazon and in notable retailers like Wegmans, Mariano’s, Fresh Thyme, Erewhon, Central Market and Lifetime Fitness, and retails for $3.49 per 12 oz can.

energy + hydrate lemon fizz joins heywell’s other much loved functional sparkling waters: calm + hydrate sparkling lime, calm + restore sparkling blackberry ginger, energy + focus sparkling strawberry lemon, energy + immunity sparkling grapefruit, energy + lift sparkling cherry limeade, and energy + lift sparkling orange mango.

To learn more about heywell, visit https://livingheywell.com or view the press deck here.

About heywell

Ashley Selman and Britt Dougherty met during their time working together at MillerCoors and became fast friends—supporting each other through the busyness of corporate life. They founded heywell on a mission to make wellness more simple and accessible for everyone every day. They found wellness solutions often prioritized function over flavor and wanted to make something that was good for them, delicious, and that helped people meet the demands of modern life. Their line of functional beverages are made with adaptogens, antioxidants, herbs and organic caffeine to help when people want a little extra support for energy, immunity, focus, hydration or help managing stress. Low in calories and sugar, their functional waters are refreshing, tart, and sweet. As part of heywell's mission, they donate 1% of sales to nonprofits advocating inclusion. Follow them at @livingheywell and www.livingheywell.com.

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