Kava Coalition Co-Authors Series on History of Kava for The Fiji Times

Articles examine tradition, regulation, misinformation in the kava culture and industry

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- The Kava Coalition (KC) is proud to support a series of articles, "Kava: A Story of Misinformation and Resilience," which published recently in The Fiji Times. The series detail’s kava’s long history of safe, traditional use; reviews scientific literature to dismiss claims of liver toxicity, which arose in the early 2000s and still dictate some counties’ policies, despite their lack of scientific basis; and projects a bright future for the industry, as Pacific Island growers achieve record exports to supply the growing demand for kava products globally.

The three-part series, written by journalist Mattha Busby in partnership with KC, can be found in its entirety in the News section of the Kava Coalition’s website.

"Sharing accurate information about kava, so that consumers may make informed decisions, is KC’s fundamental mission," said Matthew Lowe, Executive Director of the Kava Coalition. "This series takes an unbiased look at kava’s history and sheds light on past misinformation which has hampered kava’s global availability."

The first article, "A History of Kava," explains the plant’s origins and its recent past. The second installment, "Moving Past Misinformation," describes the unfair stigma of liver toxicity still attached to kava today. And the third article, "Kava Today, Changing the Narrative," outlines the developing, global economy around kava.

"My interest in public health and policy attracted me to the subject of kava—a remarkable plant dogged by spurious health claims," said Busby. "I hope the reader finds this story to be as informative and illuminating as I did in researching and writing it."

The Fiji Times is a daily English-language newspaper published in Suva, the capital and largest city of Fiji. Each part of the "Kava…" series initially appeared in The Fiji Times on March 12, March 19, and March 25.

About the Kava Coalition

The Kava Coalition is dedicated to promoting the responsible use and understanding of kava. Comprising industry professionals, researchers, and advocates, the Coalition strives to uphold the cultural significance and therapeutic potential of kava while advocating for safety and transparency within the herbal products industry. For more information about The Kava Coalition and its advocacy efforts, please visit https://www.kavacoalition.org/.

About Mattha Busby

Mattha Busby is a freelance journalist with an interest in health, drug policy, and society. His work has appeared in The Guardian, Vice, The Times of London, GQ, and Men’s Health.

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