LeanData Launches Comprehensive Go-to-Market (GTM) Efficiency E-Book

New insights and strategies for B2B revenue teams highlight LeanData's commitment to market leadership

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SANTA CLARA, CA -- LeanData, the market leader in revenue orchestration and go-to-market solutions, announced the publication of their latest e-book, "The 2024 State of Go-to-Market Efficiency Report." This detailed guide offers valuable insights and strategies for B2B revenue teams striving for operational excellence in an increasingly complex market landscape.

The new e-book, produced in collaboration with Qualified, UserGems, Cognism, Modern Sales Pros, and Welcome, compiles the experiences and priorities of over 200 professionals across various sectors. The report underscores the pressing need for efficiency and innovation in GTM strategies, especially in light of the economic challenges faced by many businesses.

"As B2B companies navigate an increasingly complex and competitive B2B landscape, the insights from the 2024 State of Go-to-Market Efficiency Report are invaluable,” said Evan Liang, CEO and Co-Founder of LeanData. “This report highlights the critical need for revenue teams to adopt opportunity-based selling to drive efficient, predictable growth. In addition, by aligning marketing and sales functions as well as making strategic tech investments, companies will not only overcome the challenges of today's market but also find new opportunities for success. At LeanData, we are committed to supporting organizations with the tools and strategies they need to excel in this dynamic environment."

Key finding and insights include:
  • Prioritizing Efficiency: The report reveals that 33% of companies are prioritizing new tech stack investments to streamline operations and improve efficiency. Additionally, 30% of respondents ranked "accelerating digital transformation" as a top priority, reflecting the need to adapt quickly to market changes.

  • AI and Automation: AI is expected to significantly impact operations, with 60% of respondents using generative AI for targeted content creation. Additionally, AI is taking over some Sales Development Representative (SDR) functions, such as writing and scheduling email outreach, using chatbots for initial prospect information, and scheduling meetings. This automation is helping companies streamline their go-to-market motions and improve efficiency.

  • Marketing and Sales Alignment: Misalignment between sales and marketing teams remains a major hurdle, with 39% of respondents not believing their teams are aligned. The report emphasizes strategies for better integration to ensure cohesive and effective go-to-market motions, enhancing overall efficiency and conversion rates.

  • Lead Management Challenges: Ineffective lead management continues to be a barrier, with 20% of respondents not believing their current lead management system will support their organization’s revenue goals in 2024. Additionally, 25% don’t believe their lead management systems and processes help deliver an ideal customer experience.

  • Opportunity-Based Selling: The transition from lead-based to opportunity-based selling is gaining traction, with 54% using opportunity-based selling focused on buying groups. This approach has shown to increase deal closure rates by up to 25%, highlighting its effectiveness in today’s market.

“The only real path from go-to-market bloat to business efficiency is to know your market, your landscape, and buying group thoroughly. For marketing to drive an organization’s position in their market, marketers must weave together disparate intent signals, truly own pipeline orchestration, and partner with sales for opportunity-based selling,” said Maura Ginty, Fractional CMO at LeanData.

To download the "2024 State of Go-to-Market Efficiency Report" e-book visit https://bit.ly/4cgiqVG.

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