PairUp Raises $2.8M to Revolutionize Knowledge Sharing at Work

AI-powered platform activates a company’s collective intelligence to maximize output and bolster human connection

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CHICAGO, IL -- PairUp, the AI-powered workplace knowledge sharing platform, announced today that the company has closed $2.8M in financing led by HearstLab and Hillsven, with participation from  Graham & WalkerLooking Glass Capital, Honeystone Ventures, MSIV, and Lofty Ventures. PairUp leverages human expertise to efficiently capture, preserve, and access valuable company knowledge. 

PairUp was founded by Dr. Emily Harburg, a former Disney Imagineer whose doctoral research focused on how technology can improve workplace collaboration, and Andy Garvin, a 3-time first engineer whose prior startups include CareSignal (acquired by Lightbeam Health Solutions) and Kaizen Health. They are joined by a team of others including Chief Product Officer Jonathan Geibel, who co-founded PlutoVR and spent over 15 years leading tech teams at Disney Animation. 

“We recognize that the most important company knowledge often lives in people, not in documents,” says Dr. Harburg. “PairUp empowers employees, teams, and organizations by helping staff quickly tap into business-critical information—leveraging both existing central knowledge bases, and institutional wisdom.” 

PairUp’s software enhances a company’s collective intelligence by making it easier to find the right documentation, information, and people. As Garvin shared, “In a short period of time, Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) has changed the way people access information. At PairUp, we are pioneering the next evolution of AI-powered workplace knowledge management software with HAG, Human-Augmented Generation.” 

With this recent funding, PairUp is launching their newest GenAI tool, which maps all knowledge across a company, and makes it accessible on-demand, including documented knowledge in tools like Jira and Slack, and undocumented knowledge in employee's minds.

“We're thrilled to welcome PairUp to the HearstLab family. Their groundbreaking AI platform revolutionizes productivity and connectivity for businesses. Even within HearstLab, it's become indispensable for linking our entrepreneurs with top experts," says Eastin Rossell, HearstLab’s Venture Director, who oversees HearstLab’s pre-seed and seed investments.

Since its founding in 2022, PairUp has had the chance to work with companies, from startups to larger enterprises, navigating the complexities of sharing critical information at work. For example, Turnkey Tech Staffing is leveraging the software with their team of engineers, working in isolation and often “recreating the wheel”. By using PairUp, the Turnkey team can quickly access core documented processes, as well as get connected to other seasoned developers for expert guidance. “PairUp is an amazing tool that helps teams share knowledge and expertise, as well as promotes teamwork,” says Janette Lopez, LATAM Human Resource Manager for Turnkey Labs.

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About PairUp

Workplace knowledge sharing is difficult and costly – the average employee spends 8 hours a week looking for answers to questions. PairUp is a B2B SaaS platform that utilizes AI to accelerate workplace knowledge sharing by mapping employee knowledge and leveraging internal expert networks within each company. PairUp saves organizations thousands of hours by breaking down silos and increasing the cross-pollination of knowledge across teams. PairUp's suite of services integrate seamlessly within a team's current workflow. PairUp has had the opportunity to serve employees at corporations like CVS, Motorola, and beyond. Learn more at and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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