4.screen to Exhibit at DMEXCO, Showcasing World's First Driver Interaction Platform

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NEW YORK, NY -- 4.screen, the company behind the world's first driver interaction platform, is excited to announce their participation at DMEXCO, Europe's leading Marketing & Tech event. The company will be showcasing their innovative product in Space A-040, located in the International Hall, alongside other renowned AdTech and MarTech companies, such as Google and Outbrain. The highlight of the exhibition will be an exclusive personalized demonstration of 4.screen's advanced in-car marketing solution in a brand new Mercedes-Benz EQS Hyper-screen SUV.

In addition to the exhibition, the company will also participate in the start-up pitch competition.

The presence of 4.screen at DMEXCO is significant as it highlights the company's dedication to revolutionizing the way drivers interact with their surrounding infrastructure. By bridging the gap between drivers and their environment, 4.screen's integrated solution allows businesses to safely and seamlessly connect, interact, and engage with their targeted customers in real-time and directly through the in-car screen.

4.screen's driver interaction platform opens up a world of possibilities for businesses, enabling them to deliver personalized and location-specific content to millions of drivers, enhancing their overall driving experience. By leveraging the power of real-time communication, businesses can connect with customers at their exact moment of need, delivering relevant information, offers, and promotions directly to their in-car screens.

According to Simon Hecker, Co-Founder and CRO, 4.screen, "We are thrilled to be showcasing our driver interaction platform at DMEXCO. This event provides us with a unique opportunity to demonstrate the immense potential of our solution and how it can transform the way businesses engage with drivers. We look forward to connecting with industry leaders, partners, and potential customers during this exciting event."

Looking ahead, 4.screen is committed to further enhancing their driver interaction platform and expanding their reach across different industries. With an ongoing focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, the company aims to empower businesses with the tools they need to seamlessly connect with on-the-go customers, transforming their needs into navigation.

For more information about 4.screen and their driver interaction platform, please visit https://www.4.screen.com/.
About 4.screen

4.screen is the world's first driver interaction platform that connects businesses with on-the-go customers, in real-time, directly through the car screen. As the pioneer of in-car marketing, 4.screen is integrated into the top automotive brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi & Skoda, providing businesses with unparalleled access to millions of drivers across six countries.


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