A Legendary Tale of Tenacity and Human Spirit, "The Tale of the 47 Rōnin," Delivered to the Moon in the Lunaprise Museum

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA -- In an unprecedented feat, the timeless narrative of bravery, honor, and the indomitable human spirit, encapsulated by the legendary "The Tale of the 47 Rōnin" has found a new home on the lunar surface. This historic art is the brainchild of lunar artist Sir Godric Rei8n and Mami Yamaguchi, a direct descendant of the valiant rōnin of Akō, Japan. Together, they have made astronomical history by transporting this iconic Japanese saga as part of a private payload by Galactic Legacy Labs, curated by Dallas Santana, founder of space-art group Space Blue, and which successfully launched on a recent SpaceX Falcon 9 mission. The Lunaprise Museum landed on the moon on February 22, 2024 bolted to the lunar lander and aimed to preserve a collection of modern humanity's art and music on the moon, featuring works from 222 distinguished artists.

The collaboration between Rei8n and Yamaguchi, under the collective name "Ryūzan," in partnership with renowned digital artist Gonzalo Rescalvo (aka “Abbzolum”) has given birth to "FACE the DRAGON." This compelling two-tier art series of seven Japanese rōnin samurai elementals, inspired by the natural elements of fire, wind, earth, water, spirit, and dragon, and a mystery element inherent in Japanese lore, merges history, art, and cutting-edge technology. Each elemental rōnin design includes a PFP image corresponding to a future released “Avatar” art piece complete with a real-life forged sword registered to bitcoin ordinal upon delivery, marks the first instance of decentralized sword ownership forged on the blockchain, symbolizing a martial blend of tradition and innovation. (To view the Ethereum artwork, click here.)

The "Tale of the 47 Rōnin," a story of loyalty, courage, and sacrifice, recounts the ordeal of samurai warriors in 1700s Japan who chose to avenge their master's unjust demise, defying the emperor's orders and embracing the path of rōnin—or "masterless samurai." This act of bravery exemplifies the virtues of the Japanese bushido code: justice, courage, benevolence, civility, honesty, honor, and loyalty.

Mami Yamaguchi voices a poignant reflection on contemporary society's challenges, highlighting the project's deeper mission: to inspire the modern spirit of the Japanese samurai in defending truth and justice in an era marked by sociocultural constraints. "Through our art, we call for those who are willing to stand up and fight for humanity in ways many are unwilling to do so today," says Yamaguchi.

The celestial rōnin project transcends artistic expression, dedicating its proceeds to combat human trafficking, one of humanity's most enduring and pervasive issues. Sir Godric emphasizes the significance of their endeavor, stating, "Not only have these rōnin now left their mark on the moon, but this is also art with an edge ... art on the blockchain that comes with 320 custom individually crafted katanas forged in real life to symbolize the call for the warrior spirit within the collector, to stand for the things that really matter in our world, for our children, our future, and for our humanity."

The first of such blades was forged and used in Sir Godric’s ceremonial knighthood, where Lorenzo de’ Medici knighted him with the inaugural sword from the Ryūzan collection. This act commends Sir Godric’s inventive genius and symbolizes the melding of tradition and innovation, reflecting the art collection ethos and celebrating the Medici family's enduring legacy in fostering emerging artists.

For further details about this groundbreaking project, visit the art collections here and at ryuxr.com.

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