A New Orlando Advertising Agency With a Nontraditional Business Model is Launched by Industry Veteran Wagner dos Santos

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ORLANDO, FL -- WGNR is the newest advertising and marketing agency founded by president and industry veteran, Wagner dos Santos. Agency operations commenced in June of this year following the closing of dos Santos' former agency, The Wagner Agency. After nearly six years of servicing global and national clients and receiving numerous awards, dos Santos felt it was time to wind down that agency in order to introduce a new advertising agency concept under a different entity and name.

Over the past decade, the subscription economy has grown more than 435%, according to a Zuora report, and businesses of all industry categories have either experimented with or fully adopted the subscription-based model. The COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on how rapidly this business model has taken off and continues to grow. In 2020, ZDNet reported that 22.5% of companies that offer subscription services witnessed an acceleration of memberships after the pandemic first hit. The same Zuora report entitled The End of Ownership found that 78% of adults currently have subscription services.

Having closely analyzed this subscription boom over the years, dos Santos identified that advertising and marketing agencies were either not offering subscription services or what they offered did not allow for "on-demand" ordering and required extra steps from the client. A recognized disrupter and maverick in the advertising industry, dos Santos began planning the formation of a subscription-based advertising and marketing agency and WGNR was born. As dos Santos explained, "It seemed like an obvious area for agencies to explore and I was shocked to find that out of the nearly twenty thousand agencies throughout the U.S., none of them were daring enough to dive right in." Dos Santos continued that "we often educate clients that successful businesses are those that are listening to the markets and serve consumer demands. So it's only natural that we would want to practice what we preach."

WGNR describes itself as a full-service advertising agency with experts from across the globe. The Orlando agency offers numerous monthly subscription plans for services such as SEO, blog post writing, public relations, social media marketing, and paid media priced appropriately for small businesses and start-ups. Most plans start under two hundred dollars per month. For businesses and brands with an average annual revenue above one million dollars, WGNR provides full-service marketing solutions and services.



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