AI Marketers Guild to Host Inaugural Stacked Startup Showcase Event in NYC

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NEW YORK, NY -- AI Marketers Guild (AIMG), a community dedicated to empowering professionals in the field of AI as it applies to marketers, announced today that it will be hosting its first Stacked Startup Showcase event on September 12th from 6 to 8 pm in NYC.

Join AI Marketers Guild at our first Stacked Startup Showcase event in NYC! We'll be bringing together community members and friends, providing a platform for startups to demo their innovative solutions. With a limit of 5 slots available, startups can bring their laptops to showcase their work and demonstrate how it applies to marketers. Participating companies include Camcorder AI, EZ Newswire, GoCharlie, Qortex, and Supernova.

This event is a unique opportunity to showcase the cutting-edge technologies and solutions being developed in the field of AI. By bringing together community members and startups, the event fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing. Attendees will gain insights into the latest advancements in AI and its application to marketing strategies, while startups will have the chance to gain exposure and receive feedback from industry professionals.

"We are thrilled to host our first Stacked Startup Showcase event,” said AIMG founder David Berkowitz. “This event represents our commitment to empowering professionals and providing them with the resources and opportunities to excel in the rapidly evolving field of AI. We believe that by fostering a collaborative community, we can drive innovation and help marketers leverage AI to enhance their strategies."

Taylor Valentine, Executive Partner at big, shared, "The Stacked Startup Showcase aligns perfectly with our commitment to unlocking greater sophistication and scale. It's about more than technology; it's about community, collaboration, and the future of marketing."

“At GoCharlie, we’ve found the in-person events, where we can speak directly to our customers, receive their feedback, and build connections over a glass of wine, absolutely invaluable," said GoCharlie Chief Marketing Officer Masha Titova. "And not to mention the consistent flow of knowledge from the virtual community, AIMG is empowering startups like us to leverage our AI expertise and bring it to marketers everywhere.”

"Now is the time to go deeply into AI," said AIMG Co-Founder Leo Morejon. "There are many opportunities and, naturally, uncertainties. The more we learn and act now, the better positioned we'll be to influence the future."

Looking ahead, AI Marketers Guild plans to continue hosting events and initiatives that promote education, networking, and professional development in the AI marketing landscape. By staying at the forefront of AI advancements and facilitating knowledge sharing, AI Marketers Guild aims to empower professionals and support their growth in this rapidly evolving field.

For more information about AI Marketers Guild and the Stacked Startup Showcase event, please visit There, you can request to join the community or reach out to demo or sponsor future events.


SOURCE: AI Marketers Guild

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