Anjalts Releases Dynamic New Song 'A Tree Sings'

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- The Amazon rainforest is beaming with sounds. Like musicians in a band, each animal plays a part, occupying its own "acoustic niche" in frequency and time. But repeated fires in the Amazon basin are silencing Mother Earth's symphony, according to a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The recordings showed a significant difference in animal sounds between forests that had experienced multiple fires versus only one fire as deforestation continues to grow rapidly in the Amazon. This vital ecosystem is still burning.

For one musician, this news is heartbreaking as the dissolute results become inevitable each day. Releasing her first acoustic song, 'Air to Fire,' back in 2020, Anjalts, a songwriter/ producer, redirected the spotlight to a place she once called home. Growing up in Guyana, South America, with her grandparents, where 80% of the country is a rainforest. The news of this essential ecosystem burning massive areas in Brazil & Suriname only to provide grasslands for the demand of livestock, mining, and logging raises so many questions as to why are some critical global eco-areas that sustain our planet not better protected in the nations where they are located?

A global concern backed by science that shows how our planet regulates the air we breathe, the temperatures, and ocean life. It is all connected and affected by its caregivers. All of us.

"Not every emerging artist wants to tackle these kinds of complex issues because it may not sell records enough," says Elle Asti, CEO / Founder of IXOmusic. Then you have a multi-rebellious artist like Anjalts and she inspires you to see a different perspective. And that's what she does with her new song 'A Tree Sings' that gets released on Aug 5 on all streaming platforms worldwide.

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The song highlights a different viewpoint as the last tree in the Amazon Rainforest sings a song as she watches her forest burn all around her. Deepens the message of finding better solutions to preserve important ecosystems around the planet.

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