Applications Being Accepted for the $25,000 von Liebig Prize Celebrating Individuals Contributing Significantly to Animal Welfare

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NEW YORK, NY -- The William J. von Liebig Foundation is currently receiving applications for the second annual von Liebig Prize. The $25,000 prize is awarded annually to individual(s) in the United States for significant accomplishments in animal welfare, such as care for mistreated companion animals and protection from abuse. Full details on how to nominate or submit an application can be found on the Foundation website and must be completed by November 18th, 2022.

The prize aims to support individuals facilitating meaningful change in their community by making a significant impact through improving the lives of disadvantaged animals or having a vision for cultivating solutions to enhance animal well-being.

Last year’s winner, Leslie Granger, CEO of Bideawee, a New York based non-profit with locations in Manhattan, Wantagh, and Westhampton, has shown a deep and abiding interest in improving the lives of homeless animals in her personal and professional capacities.

Granger donated her $25,000 grant to fund a campaign to build a new building for Bideawee and support the organization in a financially meaningful way that she wasn’t able to do before. This new building is the future of the 119-year-old organization that focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of at-risk animals.  

Over the years, philanthropist Suzanne von Liebig has generously supported many animal rights foundations and shelters in pursuing their goals. Shelter expansion, rehabilitation program improvement, and adoption rates have increased as a result.

"Animals are innocent and pure of heart,” said Mrs. von Liebig. “They contribute great meaning and joy to our lives, and we owe them all safe, healthy, loving homes as they teach us how to be better, more compassionate humans.”

The William J. von Liebig Foundation sees the urgent need to continue domestic animal welfare program support and improvement. To apply or nominate someone in your community, applicants should submit a three-page letter detailing their current impact or the vision for enacting meaningful change in animal welfare. Individuals may direct their application or nomination letters to Eleonora Fogg at

We believe the von Liebig Prize will significantly stimulate more meaningful action for the betterment of vulnerable, mistreated, and neglected animals.

About The William J. von Liebig Foundation

Founded in 1975 by Mr. and Mrs. von Liebig, the foundation has since expanded its reach from its original emphasis on medicine and education to include the arts and animal welfare, the latter of which is the primary focus of The von Liebig Prize.

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SOURCE: William J. von Liebig Foundation

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