ARC Facilities Introduces Turnkey Facility Management App for Schools

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SAM RAMON, CA -- Recently, ARC Facilities, a leading provider of facility management solutions, introduced an app geared specifically for schools.

The idea for the app was born out of need: A K-2 school in Flora arrived at ARC's offices looking for a solution to manage critical building data. The school's building manager met with Rahul Roy, ARC's CTO, and remarked, "I am renovating my educational facility but am having trouble in workflow management and sharing data to my team, causing unnecessary delays. Do you have a tool that can help with education facilities management?” Upon hearing this, Roy went to work to develop a software solution that saves time and makes it easy for facility managers in education to manage their data.

ARC's facility management software app comes with separate modules, including as-builts drawings, emergency information, equipment information, shut-off locations with photos and instructions, and more. Each of these modules brings multiple features like access to critical building data such as emergency evacuation routes, equipment details, location of assets, HVAC assets, and scanning data with QR codes.

Furthermore, ARC also offers a value calculator for educational facilities absolutely for free. This value calculator helps building managers to calculate hidden costs and plan their budgets accordingly.

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