Augie Studio Launches to Meet Demand for Social Video and Creative Ad Production

AI-assisted editing enables video creation for the rest of us

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NEW YORK, NY -- Augie, formerly known as Aug X Labs, announced today the commercial launch of its flagship platform, Augie Studio, an all-in-one video studio that empowers businesses of any size to create compelling social video content at scale—regardless of their experience or skill set. Augie also announced Studio tiers and pricing, including an Enterprise tier to meet larger demands of creative advertising and marketing teams. 

Augie Studio features a refreshed interface and a suite of new features that make professional-quality video creation accessible to all. For Premium and Enterprise customers, Augie Studio includes access to over 100 million pieces of pre-licensed high-quality content from Getty Images, including stock photography, clips, and background music. Paying tiers also include AI-enhanced script-writing, inline recording, hundreds of pre-built AI voices, and Augie's core automated storyboarding technology. 

"Today, we are excited to announce the commercial launch of Augie Studio, delivering  high-quality video production capabilities without the learning curve," said Jeremy Toeman, founder and CEO of Augie. "Early users of Augie have reported a significant reduction in production time and costs, as well as increased engagement on Augie-produced videos compared to ‘talking head’ videos. Augie is solving real-world problems for marketers and creators everywhere by addressing their needs with social and commercial video."

Augie Studio combines an intuitive user experience to provide social media managers, brand managers, creatives, and ad professionals a video creation tool designed for them, empowering teams to produce high-quality, brand-aligned videos rapidly and efficiently, with no learning curve or extra fees.

Augie Studio significantly enhances the efficiency of the video creation process for non-professionals, enabling more rapid compilation and creation of videos to suit a wide range of creative and business needs. 

With its commercial launch, Augie Studio introduces several innovative features that set new standards in the AI-enabled video production industry:

  • Dynamic asset library: Squeeze more value from your asset library: Keep your assets organized, accessible, and usable. With Augie Magic Search, you can scan hours of B-roll footage in seconds to uncover new ways to repurpose your content. Plus Premium users can enjoy unlimited access to Getty Images‘ vast library of commercially licensed content. 
  • Automatic content creation: Create anything you’re missing: Need a storyboard by lunch? On the hunt for media to match your script? Can’t find a clip of a unicorn riding a unicycle anywhere? Pop your ideas into Augie and let it assemble your video from start to finish. 
  • Intuitive professional-grade editing: Breeze through your editing process: Try out different editing views, transitions, captions, music, effects, and file formats with a click of a button. Get professional-grade functionality—without needing one YouTube tutorial!

"37% of marketers avoid video creation due to costs alone, and roughly 70% of businesses struggle to produce more than a single piece of video content annually for their marketing and professional needs," added Toeman. "We are living in a video-first marketing world, yet most businesses have neither the skills or budgets to participate, Augie was created to bridge this gap—and our dynamic growth this past year really shows the massive demand for an all-in-one video marketing platform."

Augie Studio is now available at with several subscription packages:

  • Free access for basic and personal use
  • Premium version starting at $39 per month
  • Enterprise package starting at $249 per month

These tiers take into account the needs of marketers and creators of any size, from small business owners to marketing professionals, Augie makes video marketing attainable to produce high-quality promotional videos effortlessly and efficiently.

For more information about Augie or to sign up for a free trial, please visit

About Augie

Augie is an all-in-one video studio designed to make video-first marketing attainable for any business. With easy-to-use features that cover the entire video creation and editing workflow, anyone can confidently jump in and create engaging social video content in minutes—no matter their experience or skill set.

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