Away Together Takes Second Place in Global Competition for Sustainable Communication for Travelers

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ERIE, PA -- Away Together, a premier mobile application for hotels, took second place in a global competition for sustainable communication for travelers while away. This prestigious award represents years of hard work and relationship building. The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association announced the award at their conference in Miami at the end of November.

This recognition highlights the exceptional qualities of Away Together as a SaaS, mobile application that allows for secure and sustainable communication for travelers on vacation.

With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Away Together ensures travelers can communicate securely and conveniently during their vacation. The application prioritizes sustainability and allows users to reduce their carbon footprint by minimizing paper usage and promoting digital communication.

"We are honored to be recognized as a leader in sustainable communication for travelers. This award is a testament to our dedication to providing secure and eco-friendly solutions for the modern traveler," said Melanie Brewer, CEO of Away Together.

Looking ahead, Away Together aims to further enhance its features and expand its reach to more hotels and travelers worldwide. The company is committed to continuous innovation and providing the best communication platform for vacationers.

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