Beloved Arctic Pup Character Marshmello Has Hitched a Ride on a SpaceX Falcon 9 and Will Now Be Immortalized on the Moon

Snoopy traveled with NASA in the the 1960s to land on the moon, now a new female pet character will make the moon its home for 1 billion years!

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA -- Space Blue, a company that specializes in space exploration and innovation, today announced that the beloved Arctic pup character Marshmello has hitched a ride on a SpaceX Falcon 9 and will now be immortalized on the moon thanks to the Lunaprise Moon Museum and Time Capsule. This groundbreaking project marks a significant milestone in the intersection of art, technology, and space exploration, catapulting a piece of digital art linked to the adorable Earth-based Arctic pet, Marshmello, into lunar history.

The Lunaprise Moon Mission, which successfully landed Marshmello's artwork on the moon on February 22, 2024, utilizes cutting-edge nickel and nano technologies to preserve her 1,111 art pieces for over a billion years. This collaboration between SpaceX, private lunar lander companies, space contractors, and the Arch Mission Foundation, introduces Marshmello as the first pet animal character art project curated and archived in the lunar archive, dubbed Lunagrams.

The Pet project also makes history as the first Bitcoin and Bitcoin ordinal project to land on the moon. Discover the uniqueness of Bitcoin ordinals and Marshmello's collection:

As the first Bitcoin art project to reach the moon, Marshmello's collection employs Bitcoin Ordinals to ensure authenticity and provenance, connecting collectors on Earth with their counterparts on the Lunaprise. This innovative approach not only celebrates the bond between humans and pets but also pioneers a new era of digital art collection and preservation.

Perhaps thousands or millions of years from now, future archeologist will unearth the archive on the moon to discover that indeed someone on Earth loved their pet. At the entrance to the archive on Lunaprise upper layers of discs, before you get to see Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci paintings inscribed like cave drawings on nickel materials, you will find the modern-era Sphinx guarding the Great Pyramid, this time it is Marshmello, the beloved dog who lived on planet Earth and witnessed the space program connecting and meeting its many astronauts and scientists and who witnessed the actual launch of her artwork on the Space X Falcon 9 from Kennedy Space Center on February 15, 2024.

The project is the brainchild of the real human pet owner, Space Blue curator Dallas Santana, who travels everywhere with the real-life Marshmello, a tiny white Artic fox-type Pomeranian that many in the space and arts community have come to adore.

Dallas Santana, Space Blue curator and the visionary behind this project, emphasizes the importance of including a symbol of humanity's best friend in this lunar endeavor. His aim is to foster a connection between families, children, and the Artemis vision, highlighting the urgent need for off-Earth storage of our cultural, scientific, and biological heritage and even preservation of our animal's DNA in case something happens bad on the Earth.

The mission, a part of NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS), showcases a diverse array of human creativity and ingenuity. From ancient Sumerian civilizations to the Renaissance and the modern digital era, Santana has curated a collection that spans the breadth of human expression, underscoring the significance of preserving our legacy beyond our planet.

"The moment I got appointed to oversee the curation of this project, I had my mind set that we would include a dog, a symbol of humanity's best friend and companion on planet Earth and a great way for families and children to connect and understand the Artemis vision and urgent need for specific storage off-Earth of a backup of our culture art, science, animal and biological DNA, digital files and the stories of human connection with animals pets," said Santana, curator of the Space Blue arts program.

Meanwhile on Earth, Marshmello the Arctic pup artwork will be auctioned off by Space Blue and 100% donated towards impactful projects for humanity. Through a space impact foundation called SI Fund each digital art piece that goes to the Lunaprise Moon Museum will have Earth-based twin files that are authenticated through blockchain technology. The sale of these helps to funnel proceeds to help humanity in various areas of need. Marshmello is well-known to social media stars. NBC’s "Deal or No Deal" star Olga Safari introduced Marshmello to Logan Paul for a video series about his dog Kong. In this series, Kong is looking for a date and discovers the new love of his life, a tiny teacup arctic fox Pomeranian he then dubbed “wifey." The video series with the romance completed with the episode “Smash Love Pad,'' resulting in over 50 million views. Marshmello was also spotted snuggling with models from "America’s Next Top Model." Also, she was featured on ABC’s "The Bachelor" television promotion with her cryptopreneur "Daddy Dog.” Marshmello most recently appeared in a Web 3.0 post-apocalyptic movie The 9th Raider. This is just one of many of Marshmello’s media feats managed by the team at Space Blue

Marshmello's journey from social media stardom to becoming a lunar pioneer captivates the imagination, bridging the gap between art, science, and exploration. Her digital collectibles, now valued at staggering amounts, contribute to impactful earth-based projects, demonstrating the potential of art to effect real-world change.

This historic mission, facilitated by space contractors and collaborators and the art curation team at Space Blue supported by a massive growing global community, celebrates our cosmic companions and the enduring human spirit of exploration and innovation. As Marshmello's artwork takes its place among the stars, it serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder of our shared destiny in the cosmos.

Space Blue: Honoring Our Cosmic Companions for Eternity

Discover more about this unprecedented mission and how Marshmello's art is making history on Space Blue's official website and Marshmello's digital collectibles website.

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