Botanic Tonics Announces New Industry Leading Label Changes to Aid Consumers’ Understanding and Enjoyment

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SANTA MONICA, CA -- Today, Botanic Tonics, LLC announced new label changes to the company’s top product, feel free CLASSIC, aimed at helping consumers make more informed decisions about product purchase and use. The company’s new label reflects the company’s industry-leading commitment to provide accurate information about the product's contents, dosage, and potential risks. 

The new feel free CLASSIC label includes the legally required information including serving sizes, servings per container, active ingredients and age restrictions. However, the new label goes above and beyond the required information to include information about expiration dates and detailed information about active ingredients such as total alkaloids, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The new label also includes a warning notice that, like caffeine and alcohol, kratom has the potential to become habit forming if consumed irresponsibly. The label also includes nonrequired disclaimers about who should avoid using any potentially habit-forming substance, such as those with a history of past substance abuse or using certain medications. 

"Currently, regulations in the U.S. only call for basic product information and disclaimers that we believe lack sufficient detail," said JW Ross, founder of Botanic Tonics. "Consumers deserve more comprehensive labeling to make an informed decision and use our product in the safest manner possible. The feel free CLASSIC label changes reflect desired changes we would like to see in a safe, regulated industry."

In the U.S., kratom is legal to sell and consume in 45 of the 50 states. Eleven of 45 states have passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KPCA) and 20 additional states are actively considering KCPA adoption. Of the 5 states where kratom is not legal to sell or consume, two states are considering a reversal of the ban in favor of adopting the KCPA. 

"Labeling and regulations with clear guidelines are ultimately needed to promote long-term growth, stability and availability,” said Ross. “Botanic Tonics will continually seek to provide information and resources to help consumers make informed decisions."

Potency is also a growing and concerning commercial trend. The distinction lies in the production and marketing of kratom concentrates and isolates that are derived from natural leaf kratom by extraction and/or are mimicked synthetically. This enrichment process can increase the mitragynine or other alkaloid concentrations to 40% or higher in such products. Proper separate regulations by kratom type need to be put in place for these products including dosage limits. 

"Not all kratom is equal and labels need to make that distinction clear," said Ross. "Similar to comparisons between low THC hemp/CBD and high THC cannabis, confusion about potency can lead to unpredictable effects when directions and labels are unclear or incomplete."

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Botanic Tonics, LLC manufactures, sells and distributes wellness tonics and capsules under its FEEL FREE and BOTANIC TONICS PLANT SOLUTIONS marks. For more information about the company and its line of products, visit Botanic Tonics' website or follow Botanic Tonics on Facebook,  Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

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