Botanic Tonics, Maker of feel free, Supports the Kava Coalition, Advocating for Responsible Industry Practices and Consumer Choice in the Kava Industry

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BROKEN ARROW, OK -- Botanic Tonics,  a pioneering producer of kava-forward products, today announced their proud support of the Kava Coalition—an alliance of kava consumers, experts, and industry leaders committed to advancing kava education, advocacy, and good manufacturing processes (GMP) around the world. 

Kava (Piper methysticum) is a plant native to the South Pacific, where it is traditionally used for ceremonial and social, and purposes. Botanic Tonics supports the Kava Coalition’s mission to preserve kava's history and cultural significance, whilst also embracing innovation and the expanded use of kava in the form of product formats that extend beyond traditional preparations. The Kava Coalition also pursues initiatives that expand the understanding of kava through scientific studies and consumer education.  

"The Kava Coalition is serious about giving consumers confidence in the quality and safety of kava products, and so is Botanic Tonics," said Cameron Korehbandi, CEO of Botanic Tonics. "Through conscientious practices and stringent sourcing and manufacturing standards, the kava industry can establish a commitment to providing consumers with access to safe and beneficial kava products while nurturing the industry's sustainable growth."

In the U.S., kava is legal in all 50 states and not regulated by state or federal law. Outside the U.S., kava's legal status varies from country to country. Botanic Tonics also supports the Kava Coalition’s desire for common sense regulation that reflects current scientific knowledge, ensuring consumer safety and product integrity. 

"Botanic Tonics strongly supports the Kava Coalition’s commitment to advocating for pragmatic guidelines around the world that make kava accessible for consumers," said Korehbandi. "As interest in kava grows globally so too will the need for uniform regulations and good manufacturing processes."

Botanic Tonics, a founding member of the Kava Coalition, aims to work with the Kava Coalition and its members to forge a secure, regulated kava landscape that serves the interests of consumers and responsible enterprises alike.

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Botanic Tonics is a plant-based herbal supplement company headquartered in Broken Arrow, OK. Established in 2020, it produces kava-forward tonics under its feel free brand. Its signature product , feel free CLASSIC, is crafted with ancient functional plants to provide mood lift, energy, and focus. Botanic Tonics’ products are manufactured in an FDA-registered, cGMP-certified facility and actively supports consumer safety regulations through transparent labeling and educational resources. Learn more at

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