Bound4 Expands AI Data Design IP Business, Forges Strategic Alliance with Orbitvu Korea for Market Edge

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NEW YORK, NY -- Bound4, an emerging player in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) data solutions, today unveiled its strategic partnership with Orbitvu Korea, signifying a notable expansion of its Intellectual Property (IP) business. This collaboration highlights Bound4's commitment to revolutionizing AI raw data processes and elevating user experiences in critical sectors such as robotics, mobility, bio-healthcare, and defense.

NVIDIA Inception Program: A Gateway to Bound4’s Global Market Impact

Bound4’s inclusion in the NVIDIA Inception program marks a significant stride towards its global market expansion. CEO Hwang In-ho remarked, “Our participation in the NVIDIA Inception program is a pivotal step in our journey, setting the stage for Bound4's growth in the global AI data design market. This aligns with our strategic vision.”

Innovating in AI Raw Data Processing

At the forefront of AI training data design innovation, Bound4 is redefining industry norms. CEO Hwang In-ho stated, “The role of raw data in Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) has been traditionally underappreciated. We’re changing that by setting new standards in AI training data design, from data collection to model selection, with the aim of vastly improving user experience.”

Focused Development in Computer Vision AI Data

CEO Hwang In-ho emphasized Bound4’s strategic focus on computer vision AI data production. “Our targeted approach in computer vision AI data is designed to elevate our manufacturing efficiency and reduce Turn-Around Time (TAT), key for asserting our emerging presence in the competitive AI data sector,” he highlighted.

About Bound4

Founded in 2019, Bound4 is quickly establishing itself as an emerging player in AI data design and production. Through its proprietary technology and strategic partnerships, Bound4 is actively shaping the landscape of AI data utilization in various industries, marking its impact as a notable innovator.


SOURCE: Bound4

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