Brayden Pierce Makes History as First Music Artist with an Electronic Dance Song Archived on the Moon's Lunar Museum with "Capture the Moon (MOOON.PARTY Mix)"

Groundbreaking achievement in music and space: a song that will echo on the moon for a billion years

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- In a historic moment that marks a significant milestone in the intersection of music and outer space, the Lunaprise Museum proudly announced the successful lunar landing of Brayden Pierce’s "Capture the Moon (MOOON.PARTY Mix)." Not long ago, all of Brayden Pierce’s music recordings were destroyed in one fatal rainstorm. He thought music was over for him, but the moon had different plans: On February 22, 2024, Brayden Pierce and his song “Capture the Moon (MOOON.PARTY Mix)" made history as the first music artist with an electronic dance song on the moon as part of Space Blue’s curated archive on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, coinciding with NASA's monumental return to the moon after over 50 years. This groundbreaking initiative, a time capsule of humanity’s creativity and innovation, sets Brayden Pierce alongside 222 legendary artists like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, and Elvis Presley, whose digitized recordings were also placed in the Lunaprise Museum. The digital museum is designed to withstand the test of time on the moon for a billion years, ensuring "Capture the Moon" will resonate forever. 

About Artist/Entrepreneur Brayden Pierce

As a lifelong music artist, Brayden is a true polymath, excelling in singing, multiple instruments, DJing, songwriting, producing, and mixing. Despite his impressive achievements, including sold-out shows in Los Angeles, songs with millions of plays, and performances at major festivals, Brayden has remained largely under the radar. In response to the challenges of navigating the digital music landscape, Brayden took an entrepreneurial approach and created Soundromeda, a revolutionary music entertainment platform. More than two years deep in Soundromeda’s development, Brayden’s platform evolves the traditional music listening experience by transforming songs into dynamic songworlds infused with magical game design, providing artists with a fresh canvas to showcase their creativity and be discovered in a crowded digital space. Through Soundromeda, Brayden seeks to unlock new value for music and empower artists to connect with audiences in innovative ways, bridging the gap between technology and creativity for a more immersive future of music consumption.

Capturing the Moon

Brayden kissed being a music artist goodbye in 2022 when his laptop and hard drives were destroyed in one fatal rainstorm, taking all of his music with it. That is, until he teamed up with designer and artist Kelly Max a year later. Brayden made a special Modernist edition of his song “Capture the Moon” for Kelly’s Modernist art series (a collection now archived on the moon).

Brayden originally wrote “Capture the Moon” in 2011 as an ode to the old Latin saying carpe diem ("seize the day"), encouraging the listener to live life to the fullest in each moment and achieve your dreams before our time on this planet is up. The song reincarnated at least six times in all of Brayden’s music projects, ending with Kelly’s urge for a more dance floor-ready version: the MOOON.PARTY Mix. 

MOOON.PARTY: A Festival Fusion of Music, Art, and Space 

Electrified by their collaboration, Brayden Pierce and Kelly Max co-founded MOOON.PARTY, a powerful entertainment venture aimed at redefining the festival experience. This innovative brand seamlessly merges art, music, and space exploration, offering audiences an unparalleled immersive experience with exclusive space content. MOOON.PARTY sets a new standard in global festivals, inviting attendees to engage with art and music in a new way. Brayden says, "Where humans go, art is there to define us. Embracing the moon's view offers a beacon of hope for humankind to see past our differences and open our eyes into compassion and kindness. MOOON.PARTY is more than a celebration. It symbolizes a new chapter for human culture existing beyond Earth.”

Capture the Moon (MOOON.PARTY Mix): A Historic Release Inspiring Generations to Dream Beyond

The Lunaprise Museum, curated by Dallas Santana (Founder of Space Blue), handpicked Brayden Pierce’s transcendent track, "Capture the Moon," in early 2023, cementing his status among 222 artists chosen to be archived on the moon for a billion years. The Lunaprise Museum landing not only signifies the establishment of the first museum beyond Earth, but also serves as a beacon of human creativity and ingenuity. Leveraging patented technologies and blockchain authentication, Lunaprise pioneers a historic disruption in space tech, offering collectors rare, verified assets linked to twin digital files stored in the lunar museum.

As Brayden Pierce's "Capture the Moon" becomes a moon anthem, Soundromeda pioneers a new era of  space-themed music entertainment and MOOON.PARTY redefines the global festival scene, Brayden Pierce will forever be the first-ever EDM artist to land on the moon with his music and immortalize his artistic voice in the cosmos. Reflecting on this monumental project, Brayden expresses profound gratitude, stating, "To have 'Capture the Moon' play among the stars is a dream realized."

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