BrXnd Marketing X AI Conference Unveils Initial Speakers and Airtable as Title Sponsor

Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine, Airtable CEO Howie Liu, and KPMG CMO Lauren Boyman are amongst the speakers presenting for the second year of the invite-only event

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NEW YORK, NY -- BrXnd, a leading organization at the intersection of marketing and AI, is pleased to announce the initial lineup of speakers and sponsors for the highly anticipated 2024 BrXnd Marketing X AI Conference, set to take place on May 8 in New York City. Founded in 2022, BrXnd is dedicated to bridging the gap between marketing and artificial intelligence, helping marketers navigate this rapidly evolving landscape. Now in its second year, the BrXnd Marketing X AI Conference aims to shift the conversation around AI in marketing from speculation to action, arming attendees with the knowledge, confidence, and ideas they need to leverage AI in their marketing strategies effectively.

Airtable CEO Howie Liu will deliver a keynote address discussing the company's groundbreaking approach to rethinking interfaces for the age of AI. Airtable, the innovative app platform used by teams at over 500,000 forward-thinking organizations and the event's title sponsor, is dedicated to revolutionizing how businesses power their most critical workflows and data.

Joining Liu on the speaker roster are Mark Levine, Manhattan Borough President, who will share his insights on the impact of AI on local businesses and communities, and Lauren Boyman, CMO of KPMG, who will discuss how the professional services giant is integrating AI into its marketing efforts.

"The BrXnd Marketing X AI Conference isn't just another event; it's a gathering of doers and experimenters who are ready to roll up their sleeves and start really building with AI," said Noah Brier, Founder of BrXnd. "There are a lot of people talking about AI in marketing, but not enough people are actually practicing what they preach. That's why we're bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and practitioners to create a space for meaningful conversations, hands-on learning, and collaboration. Our goal is to empower attendees with the tools, insights, and confidence they need to bring AI into their organizations. It's through experimentation and tinkering that we start to understand the non-deterministic nature of these systems and how they can be applied to real-world marketing challenges. The vision for BrXnd is to bridge the gap between marketing and AI, and the goal for the day is to push the industry beyond speculation and into action."

The full list of speakers is available on the website and includes presentations from Colgate-Palmolive, The Brandtech Group, Langchain, and other leaders at this intersection. There will also be a slew of demos and other opportunities to get a firsthand look at AI's impact on marketing.

BrXnd's programming tenets will guide the conference sessions, which include prioritizing doers over speculators, curiosity over overconfidence, conversations over panels, showing over telling, and process over perfection. These principles reflect BrXnd's commitment to fostering meaningful discussions and showcasing the latest innovations in the rapidly evolving field of AI and marketing.

“As the pioneering no-code workflows platform, Airtable has enabled marketing organizations across the Fortune 500 to streamline and standardize their operations from end-to-end,” explained Howie Liu, Co-Founder and CEO of Airtable. “We’re now excited to launch next-generation, AI-powered, marketing workflows that automate campaign planning and content creation, provide intelligent asset reuse suggestions, and power natural language analytics. We’ve learned with our early adopting customers how disjointed marketing operations can be transformed into a unified, AI-enhanced system of record, and we look forward to sharing our best practices with this audience.”

Looking ahead, BrXnd plans to continue leading the conversation around AI in marketing by hosting more events, launching new products and experiments, and forging strategic partnerships with key industry players. The organization remains dedicated to helping marketers navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by AI while embracing the humility and curiosity required in the face of such transformative technology.

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