Calendarific Unveils New Pricing Plans: Emphasizing Yearly Subscriptions, While Preserving Existing Benefits

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NEW YORK, NY -- Calendarific, the esteemed provider of global public holiday data, is delighted to announce an exciting evolution in its pricing model, designed to deliver enhanced value and exceptional customer experience. This transformation involves a shift towards yearly subscriptions, while also maintaining the commitment to honor existing plans for users until they decide to upgrade or make changes.

Committed to addressing the evolving needs of its diverse user base and fostering lasting relationships, Calendarific has restructured its pricing strategy, introducing three distinct plans: Starter, Business, and Enterprise. These new plans come with a host of benefits and savings, designed to offer customers a seamless and cost-effective experience throughout the year.

Key highlights of Calendarific's new pricing plans:

  1. Yearly Subscriptions and Preserved Benefits: With the primary focus on yearly plans, Calendarific aims to deliver enhanced value and convenience to its users. However, the company is unwavering in its commitment to preserving the benefits of existing Basic, Professional, and Enterprise plans for customers who choose to continue on their current subscriptions. Users can continue to enjoy their current plans until they decide to upgrade or modify their subscription.

  2. Refreshed Plan Names: In line with the revamped pricing model, Calendarific has renamed its plans to better reflect the diverse needs of its users. The new plan names are Starter, Business, and Enterprise, catering to varying requirements and user levels.

  3. Unbeatable Savings: The shift towards yearly subscriptions allows Calendarific to pass on remarkable savings to its customers. Yearly plan subscribers will now benefit from substantial discounts compared to the previous monthly billing structure, empowering businesses and individuals alike to optimize their budgets while still accessing top-tier calendar data.

  4. Investment in Enhanced Features and Customer Support: Calendarific is committed to utilizing the increased revenue generated from the revised pricing plans to invest in further innovation. The company aims to develop and introduce advanced features that elevate the user experience and cater to the unique needs of various industries. Additionally, a dedicated support team will be established to provide prompt assistance and resolution to customer queries.

"By providing the option of yearly plans, Calendarific wants to ensure a more streamlined and cost-effective experience for our users, all while maintaining the quality and reliability they have come to expect from Calendarific. Moreover, the team at Calendarific is excited to invest in new features and support initiatives that will empower our customers like never before," stated the company.

The new pricing plans, namely Starter, Business, and Enterprise, will come into effect on August 1st. Existing customers can continue enjoying their current Basic, Professional, or Enterprise plans until they decide to upgrade or make changes, while new customers can immediately benefit from the refreshed offerings.

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About Calendarific

Calendarific is a prominent calendar and holiday data provider, catering to a global user base of businesses, developers, and individuals. The platform offers comprehensive and reliable solutions for accessing up-to-date calendar information, public holidays, and observances across various countries.


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