Chesapeake Mermaid Launches New Coloring Book Celebrating Local Wildlife in Sign Language

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CHESAPEAKE BEACH, MD -- The Chesapeake Mermaid, performer and environmentalist, has just released an exciting new coloring book that celebrates local wildlife and habitats while also promoting sign language education. Images and details of the book can be found at

The coloring book Learning Nature features over 100 beautiful illustrations of animals and plants that can be found in the Chesapeake Bay region, including crabs, oysters, and striped bass, each accompanied by their name using finger spelling. Artwork has been done by award-winning artist Angela Mitchell who illustrated The Last Bivalvian, The Giants of the Bay, and Century Island also by The Chesapeake Mermaid. The designs are printed on high-quality paper, making them perfect for coloring with pencils, markers, or watercolors.

The Chesapeake Mermaid is deaf and has always been passionate about her home environment. She wanted to create a coloring book that would help raise awareness about local wildlife and habitats but also promote the use of sign language in the community.

"I wanted to create something that was fun to color but also educational," says the Chesapeake Mermaid. "By including how to sign each animal's name, I hope to encourage children and adults alike to learn more about sign language and its importance in our society. It has a few pages of mermaids and magical creatures too, including a few new friends you might meet in our shows."

The Chesapeake Mermaid coloring book Learning Nature is already receiving enthusiastic reviews from customers. "If a picture is worth a thousand words then Learning Nature is worth a million!” says David Christie of Davidsonville, Maryland. “This book gives names for local plants and animals you've probably seen but know nothing about, and will introduce you to some that you had no idea were local. The addition of sign language encourages inclusivity and communication, and was the icing on the cake!"

In addition to the rave reviews, the printing company was also impressed with the production quality of the book. They requested approval to include Learning Nature in their sample kit for potential customers. “[We need] projects like yours to send out as samples,” said Laura, a print shop employee. “And your art quality has really stood out to us!”

About Chesapeake Mermaid

Chesapeake Mermaid, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that produces a touring children's show about wildlife and habitats in the Chesapeake Bay region. The show features a professional mermaid who educates children about the importance of preserving and protecting the Chesapeake Bay and its inhabitants. They offer a variety of educational resources, including storybooks, coloring sheets, and activities available through their website. For more information on Chesapeake Mermaid, Inc. and their latest creations, visit their website at or contact Angela Rose Mitchell at

About Learning Nature

Learning Nature is the perfect gift for children and adults who love local flora and fauna and want to learn more about sign language. The coloring book is available for purchase on their website, at Chesapeake Mermaid events, and at select retail outlets.


SOURCE: The Chesapeake Mermaid

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