CMO Huddles Tests AI-Generated Content Against Human-Only and Humans Win (For Now)

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NEW YORK, NY -- CMO Huddles, the leading marketing community dedicated to inspiring B2B greatness, in partnership with the Marketing Insider Group, announced today the completion of the first comprehensive study comparing AI-generated content to human-only content. The study, conducted between June and September 2023, showed that, at least for now, human-generated content significantly outperforms AI-generated content in terms of driving site visibility, keyword rankings, and site traffic.

Marketing Insider Group, led by visionary content expert Michael Brenner, conducted the keyword research that drove the topics selected for the study. With these keywords, this same team then created a total of 60 one-thousand-word blog posts divided evenly among three author types: human-only, AI-only using ChatGPT 3.5, and a hybrid of both. Shares Brenner, “We structured the test to be as unbiased as possible since most content creators need to understand the real business value of generative AI copy which we already know is amazingly fast.”

Over a 10-week period, the content was published on, a leading source of B2B marketing insights, 6 times a week, and its performance was tracked based on its ability to increase visibility, improve keyword rankings, and drive site traffic. The results showed that human-generated content significantly outperformed AI-generated content and outperformed the hybrid approach, demonstrating the unique power of human creativity and expertise. For the complete report, please click here.

Drew Neisser, Founder of CMO Huddles, commented on the results, saying, "The test reaffirms the value of human creativity and expertise in the B2B marketing landscape. While I have no doubt that these tools will get better and that marketers need to start using them now to gain experience, great content, content that resonates with your audience, will continue to originate from human experts and not bots.”

CMO Huddles' decision to conduct this groundbreaking test speaks to their commitment to providing the highest quality and most effective resources for B2B marketing leaders. Founded in 2020, CMO Huddles understands the biggest challenge faced by B2B CMOs is time. With this in mind, every aspect of CMO Huddles is designed to save CMOs time, enabling them to make faster, better, and more informed decisions. From expertly moderated peer-to-peer Huddles, an always-on Slack channel, arranged 1:1s, pithy weekly recaps, to unique PR opportunities, CMO Huddles brings together an elite cross-section of B2B marketing leaders, empowering them to share, care, and challenge each other to greatness.

Looking ahead, CMO Huddles continues to innovate and provide valuable resources to B2B CMOs. With a focus on supporting CMOs in transition and aspiring B2B CMOs, CMO Huddles offers both free and paid plan options. By joining the community of perpetually curious B2B marketing leaders at, individuals can save themselves hours of searching for answers and gain access to a network of like-minded professionals dedicated to achieving greatness.

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