Cobb’s Children’s Learning Center Launches “Grow Your Own Teacher” Program for Employees

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ROSEBURG, OR -- Cobb Children's Learning Center, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to ensuring equitable access to high-quality childcare and early education, today announced it is launching the “Grow Your Own Teacher” program for all full-time employees. The center will provide full college tuition and any out-of-pocket expenses for eligible employees to earn an undergraduate certificate, associate’s degree, and/or bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. The program is designed to recruit, develop, and retain teachers who are already in the community.

“We recognize our emergent and child-centered approach is a unique offering in Southern Oregon,” says Jessica Gaul, executive director and head of people of Cobb Children’s Learning Center. “The ‘Grow Your Own Teacher’ program draws from people who have a passion for a child-centered approach but are not yet familiar or perhaps not yet comfortable with putting all the pieces together. Through thoughtful support and mentorship, employees who participate in the program develop a comprehensive understanding of our method while forging meaningful and lasting relationships with our existing teaching teams.”

Three years ago, in an effort to recruit and retain the best talent, Cobb Children’s Learning Center adjusted salaries to above-market rates, embedded paid professional development, and expanded its benefits program. This evolved into the idea of supporting its employees in pursuing post-secondary education. “Our dream became an achievable goal with ‘The Grow Your Own Teacher’ program, and we are so pleased to now invest in educators at every level to grow their careers and ultimately improve early education and long-term outcomes for our community,” says Gaul.

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