Cordova Unveils New 2023/24 Ski Collection: Where Technical Excellence Meets Timeless Elegance

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SEATTLE, DC -- Cordova, the celebrated name in women’s ski/snow and après fashion, proudly presents its new 2023/24 Collection. This winter season, Cordova balances technical brilliance with enduring style, all while raising the bar for sustainable luxury in ski and snow fashion.

Inspiration and Aesthetic: The collection emerges from the euphoria of plunging into the heart of nature. Each design is a reflection of the striking beauty of our planet, capturing the thrill of navigating awe-inspiring landscapes. The color palette boasts deep, vibrant tones, inspired by the diverse terrains we traverse. Every piece is a timeless fusion, blending elements reminiscent of vintage styles with forward-thinking designs.

Design and Fit: Every piece in the Cordova collection is meticulously crafted, offering a synergy of elegance and functionality. Our designs transcend trends, fusing heritage ski style with contemporary global consciousness. From petite to XL, Cordova celebrates every form, ensuring impeccable fit and unmatched comfort. At, our size-predictor AI, powered by WAIR, makes finding your perfect fit a breeze for a stress-free shopping experience.

Technical Proficiency: Within Cordova's luxurious designs lies unparalleled technical prowess. Our garments are not only eye-catching but also brilliantly constructed, promising resilience, adaptability, and a comfort that feels almost tailored to the wearer. Cordova offers water-resistant, waterproof, and seam-sealed designs. Our tech collection is designed for the pro-athlete that refuses to sacrifice style for performance.

Creative Distinction: Spotlighting the Aomori jacket in Aura, an exclusive designer print crafted in-house. The journey involved the manipulation of organic materials in novel ways, followed by digital reworking to achieve an exquisite result. With its crafty-meets-high-tech design, the Aomori jacket in Aura is a testament to Cordova's innovative spirit and our obsession with symbiosis between woman and wild.

Sustainability and Quality: Cordova is committed to sustainability and quality, using upcycled, biodegradable fibers and engendered materials certified by BlueSign and OEKO-TEX. We collaborate with manufacturing partners that champion social responsibility, advocating for gender equity and livable wages. In partnership with GreenSpark, every purchase at Cordova's online store supports climate change initiatives.

Collection Highlights:

  • Fora suit, captivating in its minimalistic design
  • Apex suit, the pinnacle of tailoring for snow pros 
  • Limited-edition Huracán suit, a beacon of futuristic sophistication
  • Mogul jacket, a luxurious embrace of responsibly sourced down 
  • Aomori jacket's magnetic closures: where style seamlessly meets convenience
  • The Ploma sweater: hand-knitted, 100% merino, boldly fun and elegant

As a women-owned brand, Cordova is committed to shifting the narrative in a historically male-dominated sport, allowing women to not only participate but to lead and redefine the game.

Explore the Cordova universe online, available now with global shipping. Retail partners will be introducing the collection throughout October and early November. 

About Cordova

Cordova is a trailblazing force in ski/snow and après fashion, skillfully blending technical excellence with timeless elegance in each meticulously crafted collection. We believe that life is an exploration of paramount beauty and adventure, and our passion lies in designing apparel for women who boldly seek altitude, revel in the thrill of the descent, and savor mountain leisure without compromising style and glamour.

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Yosef Kalfon, PR Manager


SOURCE: Cordova

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