Delgado Stone Distributors Revolutionizes Access to Natural Stone Content With Launch of Innovative Database

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BROOKFIELD, CT -- Delgado Stone Distributors, a leading provider of high-quality natural stone veneer and masonry products, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking digital content database. This cutting-edge platform is designed to empower Authorized Dealers, masons, contractors, architects, and homeowners with seamless access to a vast array of project photos and product imagery.

The new digital content database serves as a centralized hub where users can efficiently search, share, and download photos showcasing everything from high-resolution completed project photos to photos of palletized materials. This innovative tool promises to revolutionize the way members of the construction and design industries access and utilize manufacturers' content.

"We are incredibly excited to introduce this new digital content database in collaboration with Image Relay," said Noah Dempsey, Marketing Coordinator at Delgado Stone. "With this platform, we are providing our Authorized Dealers and their clients an unparalleled level of efficiency in accessing the visual assets they need to bring their projects to life."

Key features of the digital content database include: 

  • Accreditation and recognition: Every photo is accompanied by credits to the Authorized Dealer, mason/contractor, and architect/designer.
  • High-resolution photo access: Easily retrieve high-quality images of completed projects.
  • Tag-based sorting: Effortlessly locate photos by project type, application, and stone color through a comprehensive tagging system.
  • Instant sharing and download: Seamlessly share and download photos directly within the database.
  • Diverse showcase: Showcase a full array of palletized product photos, completed projects, and a range of installation techniques.

The launch of the digital content database is yet another example of Delgado Stone Distributors' commitment to innovation and making it easier to incorporate natural stone into design and build projects.

"We are committed to making the customer experience an easy one and the introduction of our digital database highlights this promise," said Mike Wolfe, CEO of Delgado Stone. "Understanding the frequent need for images from our customers, our sales, marketing, and customer experience teams worked together to streamline access to this valuable information. The successful launch of this initiative is a testament to our ongoing efforts to proactively address customer needs and enhance their overall experience."

To explore the new digital content database and experience the benefits firsthand, Authorized Dealers, Masons/Contractors, Architects/Designers, and homeowners are invited to learn more or register now.

About Delgado Stone Distributors

Delgado Stone Distributors is a manufacturer and distributor of natural stone. Based in Brookfield, CT, Delgado Stone offers a range of natural stone materials that are used for residential, commercial, landscape, and hardscape projects, both new construction and additions. Since 2011, Delgado Stone's vision has been creating a "people-first" company culture that drives us to create the highest quality products and provide industry-leading customer service while continuing to be industry innovators. Through our network of Authorized Dealers, we can supply the entire continental United States and parts of Canada.

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