Double Launches Double Pool: An Innovative Delegation Platform Closing the Gap between AI and Experienced Assistants

New platform leverages AI to simplify task delegation to assistants for busy professionals and everyday users

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NEW YORK, NY -- Double, an innovative tech-enabled remote assistant service for executives, today announced the launch of an open delegation platform, Double Pool. This platform allows anyone to instantly delegate a personal or professional task to a pool of highly skilled assistants. By utilizing proactive AI, Double has made the process of delegating tasks intuitive and accessible to all, while ensuring that tasks are executed with the utmost care and human judgment.

Double's new platform is a game-changer for individuals and businesses alike. By providing access to a pool of talented assistants, Double is allowing users to free up their time and focus on more important tasks without committing to monthly packages. The combination of AI technology and human expertise ensures that tasks are completed with precision and excellence, setting Double apart from other delegation services.

"We are thrilled to introduce Double Pool to the world," said Alice Default, CEO of Double. "While new AI assistants are coming out every day, we wanted our users to be able to actually get all their tasks completed. Our experienced human assistants make sure that the job gets done." 

Traditional assistant services, including Double, have been tailored for CEOs and executives, often requiring significant upfront commitments. This model has excluded many busy professionals at different levels who could benefit from high-quality remote assistance but are deterred by cost and complexity. Double Pool democratizes access to skilled assistance, offering a flexible, no-commitment solution that caters to a broader audience. Double Pool is designed for busy parents, mid-level professionals, small business owners, and anyone with an overwhelming to-do list. The platform allows users to delegate tasks such as booking doctor’s appointments, researching childcare options, or handling complex business data entry, all executed by experienced human assistants.

Double Pool’s AI component simplifies the delegation process by guiding users through task definition. For instance, a user requesting “research daycare options” will receive AI-generated follow-up questions to gather necessary context. The AI then creates a detailed delegation brief, outlining objectives, instructions, and scope of work, ensuring the assistant can execute the task efficiently and effectively.

Sol, a Product Manager at Double, explains, “You don’t have to be an executive to feel overwhelmed. Whether you’ve just had a child or are managing unexpected home repairs, Double Pool is here to help. Our assistants bring a human touch, ensuring tasks are handled with care and expertise, unlike AI-only solutions. We’ve supported clients with everything from estate management to travel planning, and we’re excited to make this level of support accessible to more people.”

Dave (32), a small business owner, recounts, “When our event venue canceled last minute, Double Pool saved us. The assistant found three new options in two days, saving us $200.”

Julia (28), an Account Executive at Salesforce, adds, “My assistant planned a perfect two-week road trip, suggesting stops I wouldn’t have considered. It was like having my most organized friend handle everything.”

Double Pool is now open for general access. Users can delegate tasks by visiting and choosing from popular tasks or submitting their own requests.

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