EZ Newswire Releases "Publish Your Own" Feature, Enabling Users to Distribute Pre-Written Business Announcements

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NEW YORK, NY -- EZ Newswire, a platform that makes it easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes to create and publish their news, today unveiled its latest feature, "Publish Your Own." In addition to using EZ Newswire’s powerful AI-enabled content writer, customers will now be able to supply their own written releases and still leverage EZ Newswire’s publisher network, providing more options to create and publish content.

EZ Newswire's technology, built upon decades of PR expertise, allows users with no prior PR or writing experience to generate professional content with minimal input and at no cost. With this new feature, users can now also directly publish their own pre-written releases through the platform.

"Our mission at EZ Newswire is to empower businesses from Main Street to Wall Street to easily connect with their target audience," said Caitlin Kelly and Neel Shah, founders of EZ Newswire. "With the addition of the 'Publish Your Own' feature, users can effortlessly bring their own pre-written releases into our platform and benefit from our distribution network to the AP and other publications across the U.S."

"Publish Your Own" is the first new feature announced by EZ Newswire since its launch last week and is one of many additions and improvements planned to be rolled out over the coming months, consistent with EZ Newswire's commitment to providing efficient and cost-effective news solutions for growing businesses.

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EZ Newswire is a platform that makes it easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes to create and publish their news. Our technology produces professional announcements in minutes with no writing or public relations experience required, while our publisher network guarantees placement to ensure the news reaches the right audience. Find out why thousands of organizations, big and small, trust us to power their headlines at www.eznewswire.com.


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