FAND Closes Pre-Seed Fundraise to Revolutionize Collegiate Sports Marketing with Automated Athlete Relationship Management Platform

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NEW YORK, NY -- FAND, the leading collegiate athlete relationship management platform, today announced that it has successfully closed its pre-seed fundraise, led by Hivers and Strivers, an early stage VC investing in veteran founders. FAND manages and automates NIL campaigns and endorsements for marketing departments and their agencies. Unlike manual processes that lack scalability, FAND offers access to NIL-ready collegiate athletes who are available, experienced, responsive, and values-driven. With its cutting-edge technology, FAND aims to become the leading automated sports marketing cloud.

The completion of the pre-seed fundraise marks a significant milestone for FAND and showcases the company's commitment to revolutionizing collegiate sports marketing. By providing a streamlined platform for managing NIL campaigns, FAND eliminates the headaches associated with manual processes and offers marketing departments and agencies unparalleled access to college sports athletes. The company will provide as much information as possible for clients to make high-confidence decisions when selecting an athlete for a campaign.

According to Dominique Wright, Founder of FAND, "We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our pre-seed fundraise. This milestone not only validates the value and potential of FAND but also strengthens our position as the leading automated sports marketing cloud. We are excited to continue empowering marketing departments and agencies with our innovative platform."

Looking ahead, FAND has ambitious plans to further enhance its automated sports marketing cloud. The company aims to expand its reach, forge strategic partnerships, and continuously innovate to provide marketers with the most effective tools and solutions in the industry.

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