First Ever National Accessible Air Travel Day Launches on August 20, 2022

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FRISCO, TX -- National Accessible Air Travel Day focuses on the need for accessible air travel for people with disabilities

FRISCO, Texas – August 19, 2022. All Wheels Up (AWU), the only not-for-profit organization in the world funding and conducting research for a wheelchair spot on airplanes, announced the launch of the first ever National Accessible Air Travel Day. The day is dedicated to raise awareness about the need for accessible air travel for people with disabilities.

The day creates awareness of the need for accessible air travel that is safe and dignified for people with disabilities and equal access to this vital means of transportation to travel for specialized medical care, clinical trials, career opportunities, world travel, and better quality of life. In addition, the day is intended to educate and recognize achievements made to remove barriers to enable people with disabilities to fly. More aircraft accommodations are still needed for people who require personal wheelchairs for their disability, safety and welfare in daily life.

People with disabilities are entitled to the same accommodations as any other passenger on a commercial airplane. All airlines are required to follow the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), which provides all passengers disability assistance with wheelchairs, boarding and deplaning, connecting flights, and personal belongings. In addition, airlines are responsible for meeting other needs a passenger with a disability may require while traveling. The needs may include assistance with service animals, interpreters and technology (TTY) to communicate.

This year, U.S. Department of Transportation published the “Airline Passengers with Disabilities Bill of Rights.” The Bill of Rights describes the fundamental rights of air travelers with disabilities under the ACAA. The U.S. Secretary of Transportation also pledged to work toward requiring airlines to allow passengers to remain in their personal wheelchairs when they fly.

On August 20, learn more about the challenges people with disabilities have with air travel and the opportunities to make a difference.

· Join an organization to raise awareness and fund projects to make air travel accessible for people with disabilities.

· Participate and create an event in your community to promote awareness or raise funds to support a nonprofit focused on accessible air travel.· Donate to an organization funding projects and studies on the feasibility, safety and economic impact of accessible air travel for all.

· Petition your congressperson and the FAA to remove the final barriers for and improve accessible air travel, such as to need to create a wheelchair space on commercial airplanes.

· If you have a disability, share your experiences and challenges with air travel.

· Post on social media using #NationalAccessibleAirTravelDay

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About All Wheels Up:

All Wheels Up (AWU), the first organization in the world to fund research and development for a “wheelchair spot” on commercial aircraft. The not-for-profit organization is working with the airline carriers and aircraft manufacturers to make airplanes wheelchair accessible for the millions of people who depend on them for mobility and safe seating. AWU’s mission is to increase awareness for safer and more dignified accessible air travel through research and advocacy. AWU is the first not-for-profit organization funding research and development for a wheelchair spot on planes—as well as providing community outreach through its Fly Safe Today program.  

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