Former Wall Street Executive India Gary-Martin Launches Edtech Platform to Reinvigorate DEI and Sustainability Engagement

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WASHINGTON, DC -- India Gary-Martin, a former Wall Street managing director with two decades of experience as an expatriate in Europe and Asia, has launched Relucent Learning to revolutionize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and sustainability education. This innovative, self-funded, and fully accredited edtech-focused SaaS platform is poised to make a significant impact on DEI and sustainability e-learning for consumers, small businesses, and enterprise customers.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, chief diversity officers (CDO) have been more vulnerable to layoffs, experiencing 40% higher turnover with CDO searches down 75% in the past year. Despite the challenging climate of cutbacks on DEI funding and commitments, Gary-Martin recognized the importance of scaling and finding alternate solutions to in-person labor intensive DEI programs and took the initiative to create a solution.

“While the shape of DEI is changing, it isn’t going away. For example, by December 31 of each year, all operating companies listed on Nasdaq's U.S. exchange will need to disclose board-level diversity data. Given the hyper focus on the economy and the reduction in DEI roles, Relucent offers an alternative to continue engagement and learning despite reductions in DEI and ESG staff and program funding,” said Gary-Martin.

The name Relucent embodies the platform's vision, fusing "renew" and "lucent" to reflect Gary-Martin's goal of reinvigorating DEI and sustainability efforts, even in the face of prevailing headwinds.

Key features of Relucent Learning include:

  • Cutting-edge technology developed in partnership with Qintess, a leading Brazilian tech and outsourcing outfit;
  • Fully accredited content featuring interactive video content, high-quality animations, actor-based videos, and real-time polling to engage learners; and
  • Expert content development team comprising business executives, educators, ESG, DEI, and sustainability practitioners.

Gary-Martin demonstrated her determination and dedication by bootstrapping the development of Relucent Learning as she encountered challenges in raising the seven-figure investment. This endeavor serves as a testament to the resilience and innovation of Black female founders, who have historically received a disproportionately low share of private equity and venture capital investment.

Relucent is pioneering a new era in DEI and sustainability engagement and is set to become the industry standard for accredited ESG centered e-learning at scale. With its immersive and interactive approach, the platform is a catalyst for employee engagement that remains crucial to fostering workplace inclusion and sustainability.

For more information about Relucent Learning, visit For Mrs. Gary-Martin’s media kit click here.
About India Gary-Martin

India Gary-Martin is a former Wall Street technology and operations managing director. A public and private portfolio board director, she is the Chair of the Board for Travalyst, an organization that focuses on sustainability in travel. She is the founder of Relucent, an advisor to global CEOs, and a passionate advocate for DEI and sustainability. She is a multi-award winning (U.S. and UK) leader in technology, leadership, DEI, and entrepreneurship.

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