Global Kratom Coalition Applauds California Assemblymember Matthew Haney's AB 2365 to Regulate Kratom in California

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- The Global Kratom Coalition strongly supports Assemblymember Matthew Haney's AB 2365, a groundbreaking bill to regulate the kratom industry in California. This proposed legislation is a major step forward in ensuring the safety, quality, and responsible sale of kratom products.

"AB 2365 represents a crucial milestone in establishing responsible regulation of the kratom industry,” said Matthew Lowe, Executive Director of the Global Kratom Coalition. “It puts consumer safety first through well-researched, science-backed standards that account for the ever-evolving kratom marketplace and the fact that not all kratom is equal.”

AB 2365 introduces comprehensive regulations to protect consumers while preserving access to leaf kratom and kratom extracts, including: 

  • Defining what constitutes leaf kratom and kratom extracts.
  • Not allowing synthetic derivatives of kratom.
  • Establishing packaging and labeling standards.
  • Implementing age restrictions for purchase.
  • Mandating registration and adherence to rigorous testing protocols for kratom processors.
  • Outlining enforcement measures for violations.

The bill balances consumer safety and access to kratom. Robust regulations will prevent adulteration, mislabeling, and other safety hazards while acknowledging the benefits of kratom for many individuals.

Support for AB 2365 is vital to its success. Californians can help by tracking the bill's progress, contacting local elected officials to voice support, and advocating for its passage. To take action and send a letter to local legislators, click here.

The Global Kratom Coalition urges all stakeholders to join in supporting AB 2365, a landmark initiative that prioritizes the well-being of consumers and fosters responsible regulation of the kratom industry in California.

About the Global Kratom Coalition

The Global Kratom Coalition (GKC) exists to protect and expand access to leaf-based kratom around the world. The organization represents the interests of advocates committed to positive change benefiting consumers. The organization supports education and the development of kratom science, which is central to the GKC’s mission—to empower individuals worldwide with access to safe and responsibly sourced kratom products by advancing scientific research and sensible regulation.

The GKC operates on five key values:

  • Access: The belief that individuals should have a choice as to how they look after their health, informed by the latest unbiased information available.
  • Education: Providing accurate, evidence-based information about kratom (including on our website), allowing consumers to make informed decisions.
  • Advocacy: Serving as a united voice for kratom consumers worldwide, seeking fair and sensible regulations that prioritize consumer safety, freedom of information, and good sourcing and manufacturing practices.
  • Community: Fostering a global group of enthusiasts, experts, vendors, and advocates to promote the benefits of kratom and fight for informed and responsible use.
  • Responsibility: Promoting the responsible use of kratom and encouraging vendors to adhere to strict quality and safety standards so that consumers have access to products that are safe, well-manufactured, and appropriately labeled.

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SOURCE: Global Kratom Coalition

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