Hamptons Tech Week Announces "Eternal Investments" panel with Jason Bayuk, Jennifer Wines and Matthew Teel

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SOUTHAMPTON, NY -- Emerging technologies are changing the worlds of venture, investment, sports, social good and non-profit. Hamptons Tech Week aims to inform on the everchanging landscape of today's tech space. We're excited to announce an insightful panel titled Eternal Investments: Unraveling the Secrets of Longevity. The panel will be led by moderator Matthew Teel, Senior Vice President at Barnum Financial Group, and will feature Jennifer Wines, founder at Invisible Wealth, and Jason Bayuk, Financial advisor and financial services executive at Barnum Premier Client Group.

The panel's discussion on longevity secrets is a vital addition to our event, as it helps individuals understand how technology can improve their financial wellbeing and empower them with the knowledge to feel confident in their decisions to last a (longer) lifetime.

According to Stephen Sabo, the Co-Founder of Hamptons Tech Week, "We're excited to host an insightful panel on longevity secrets, which will help attendees understand how technology can improve their financial wellness. This is just one of the many ways in which Hamptons Tech Week is committed to providing a platform for leaders of industry to education our communities."

Join us for a lively few days in June – filled with panels, activations, and networking opportunities at Southampton Arts Center. Our mission is to spread the word to East End residents and visitors about the opportunities in the future of technology. With an impressive lineup of panels and activations, Hamptons Tech Week promises to be a must-attend event for anyone interested in the future of technology.

For more information, please visit Hamptons Tech Week at https://www.hamptonstechweek.com.


SOURCE: Hamptons Tech Week

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