HOLY WATER by Alta Gracia Founders to Hit the Streets in Chicago to Hydrate Millions Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

New water brand is making St. Patrick's Day holy again

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CHICAGO, IL -- HOLY WATER by Alta Gracia, a new intentional water brand on a mission to lift spirits with positive refreshment, will be bringing its good vibes and delicious crystalline Great Lakes water to Chicago this St. Patrick's Day. All weekend the founders will be on the ground in River North, sharing their endless supply of water to any and all celebrating this annual event.

Based in Chicago, HOLY WATER by Alta Gracia loves a good party and aims to be an uplifting addition to all kinds of drinking occasions. "We are all for having a good time, and Chicago definitely knows how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day," said founder Graceann Bennett. "We are excited to be celebrating this annual event alongside our neighbors and friends while bringing some lighthearted holiness and hydration to the occasion."

HOLY WATER by Alta Gracia will launch their crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder later this month, allowing supporters to invest in the company's growth and expansion. With a focus on community involvement and intentional sourcing and packaging, the company aims to continue providing premium water products that meet the highest standards of quality while doing it with unmatched creativity and style.

For more information about HOLY WATER by Alta Gracia and their products, please visit https://drink-holy-water.com.

About HOLY WATER by Alta Gracia

HOLY WATER by Alta Gracia, a positively provocative water, lifts and refreshes your spirit and reminds you to hydrate your higher self. We believe there is enough death, negativity and divisiveness in the world and we are here to awaken and unite the highest version of ourselves. Sourced from a Great Lakes aquifer, our water travels through crystals and minerals before it is purified and packaged in eternally recyclable aluminum cans. Intentionally sourced, blessed by you. Always plastic-free. To learn more about HOLY WATER by Alta Gracia, visit our website at https://www.drink-holy-water.com.

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