Ibu Movement Celebrates Successful "Colombiana!" Fundraising Event Showcasing Colombian Culture and First Nations' Heritage Craft

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CHARLESTON, SC -- The Ibu Movement, a pioneering force in poverty disruption and cultural preservation, recently concluded their "Colombiana!" event on November 15, 2023. This distinctive fundraising experience celebrated the rich cultural heritage, craftsmanship and cuisine of Colombia across 10 different homes in Charleston’s historic South of Broad neighborhood, presenting an unforgettable evening for all attendees.

Colombiana! immersed guests in the rich and diverse tapestry of Colombian traditions, offering a unique opportunity to explore the country's heritage and culinary excellence. Artisans and luminaries from Colombia came to the heart of Charleston to share their cultural history, traditions and craft over a panel in the Charleston Library Society, followed by an intimate progressive dinner. This event exemplified Ibu Movement's ongoing mission to foster understanding and appreciation of cultures from around the world.

"I have met these luminaries in the artisanal world of Colombia, crafting not only beauty but change. It is an honor to listen to the remarkable stories of the First Nations indigenous artisans the week before we celebrate our own Thanksgiving, and to learn how their culture and craft carry ancient wisdom, how their food carries rich history, how their hearts carry such light," shared Susan Hull Walker, Founder and CEO of the Ibu Movement. 

Colombian Luminaries featured in Ibu Movement’s Colombiana!:

  • Juan Sebastian Rivera, El Dorado Edit: Founder and Art Collector and Ibu Global Ambassador 
  • Juan Pablo Gomez, El Dorado Edit: Operational Director and Collector and Ibu Global Ambassador 
  • Mercedes Salazar, Mercedes Salazar Designs: Jeweler
  • Mariana Velasquez, Colombiana! Cookbook: Chef & Food Stylist
  • Magno Caterino, Finatur Design: Craftsman & Jeweler
  • Sandra Henao Caterino, Finatur Design: Artist & Jeweler
  • Juliana Ramirez, Bosque: Architect
  • Josefa Antonio Barliza Ipuana, Wayuu Cooperative: Leader
  • Amelicia Santacruz Alvarez, Gunadule Community: Representative and Politician
  • Catalina Camilo, Alma Joyeria: Craftsman & Jeweler
  • Yasmin Sabet, Mola Sasa: Founder and Designer

Guests enjoyed authentic Colombian meals with a personalized menu by Mariana Velasquez, award-winning food stylist and author of the celebrated cookbook, "Colombiana: A Rediscovery of Recipes and Rituals from the Soul of Colombia." The evening culminated with a stroll to a private Lamboll Street residence for a grand finale of desserts prepared by Charleston’s renowned FIG, dramatically styled by Mariana.

Following dessert, attendees browsed treasures crafted by Ibu artisans at their Colombian pop up boutique curated by Ibu Movement’s partners at El Dorado Edit. The entire evening was a tribute to culture and craft, and the ancient inherited wisdom of Colombia’s indigenous artists.

Although Colombiana! may be over, the celebration lives on. For a limited time, Ibu Movement is featuring an exclusive holiday drop of artisanal Colombian products, never before seen in Ibu's repertoire, curated by their partners at El Dorado Edit. From leather apparel to hand-crafted luxury jewelry, mola bags and ornaments, and serving pieces carved from native Amazonian woods, there is a wide array of styles and price points for everyone on your list. The sale ends December 31, 2023; shop now online or in store at the Ibu Showroom in downtown Charleston.

For more information about Ibu Movement and their initiatives, please visit their website at www.ibumovement.org.

About Ibu Movement

The word Ibu means “a woman of respect” in the Malay language of Indonesia. Ibu is a global movement of women rising into self-sufficiency through the art of their hands and hearts. A 501(c)(3), offering a marketplace for the made goods of our global artisan partners in over 50 countries, and grants for operational growth. Ibu organizes events and global travel to connect allies with artisans around the world. For more information, visit ibumovement.org.

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Colombiana! image captions (photo credit: MCG Photography):

  1. Colombian luminaries were the guest of honor at Ibu's celebrations. From left to right: Mariana Velásquez, Magno Caterino, Sandra Henao Caterino, Mercedes Salazar, Juan Sebastián Rivera, Yasmin Sabet, Juan Pablo Gomez, Josefa Barliza Ipuana, Juliana Ramirez, Amelicia Santacruz Alvarez, Catalina Camilo.
  2. Colombian luminary Catalina Camilo of Alma Joyeria, with dinner guests Jill Esterman, Alessandra Zamora, Capucine Gooding, Ibu Founder and CEO Susan Hull Walker, and Wenda Millard.
  3. Designer Mercedes Salazar in conversation over a Colombian meal with Ibu allies, benefitting the Ibu Foundation.
  4. Chef and stylist Mariana Velásquez with the dessert tablescape she designed for the Colombiana dinner parties. Colombian delicacies prepared by FIG and floral decor donated by Geoflora.
  5. Guests enjoy a traditional Colombian meal, designed by chef, cookbook author, and stylist Mariana Velásquez.


SOURCE: Ibu Movement

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