Ibu Movement Founder Susan Hull Walker Presents About Importance of Local Action for Global Change at Women for Women Summit at College of Charleston

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CHARLESTON, SC -- Ibu Movement, a company dedicated to expanding markets for global women artisans and building their capacity for success, is pleased to share that founder Susan Hull Walker was a panelist at the Women for Women Summit hosted by the College of Charleston Business School in Charleston, SC on October 5 at 10:30 a.m.

The panel discussion titled "Think Globally, Act Locally" emphasized the need for individuals to consider the health of the entire planet and take action in their own communities. By focusing on the local environment and engaging in small acts, individuals can contribute to the much-needed changes. The speakers highlighted how their work not only has a local impact but also addresses broader global issues. Speakers included LaVanda Brown, Executive Director, YWCA of Greater Charleston; Reshma Khan, M.D., Founder, Shifa Clinic; and Jennet Robinson Alterman, Non-Profit Consultant and Women’s Rights Advocate.

Susan Hull Walker's participation in the Women for Women Summit was significant as she shed light on the mission of Ibu Movement. With a mission of elevating women artisans worldwide, Ibu Movement disrupts poverty and fosters change through the artistry of these talented individuals. The company is expanding into new markets for global women artisans and provide them with the necessary support, such as workspace and training, to enhance their success.

Looking ahead, Ibu Movement is committed to doubling its impact on women artisans over the next ten years. The company will continue to expand markets for these talented individuals and provide them with the necessary resources and training to enhance their skills and success. Through these efforts, Ibu Movement aims to create lasting change and improve the lives of women artisans globally.

For more information about Ibu Movement and its mission to elevate women artisans, please visit https://ibumovement.org/.


SOURCE: Ibu Movement

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