Inclusively Introduces Retain: Revolutionizing Self-ID and Tailored Accommodations in the Workplace

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ST. LOUIS, MO -- Inclusively, a professional network transforming the way candidates with disabilities, mental health conditions, and chronic illnesses find jobs and connect to inclusive employers, is proud to newly introduce Retain—a solution tailored for the forward-thinking enterprise, set to revolutionize employee experience.

In a move set to redefine how businesses approach accommodations, Inclusively launches Retain, targeting enterprise-level companies, and merging advanced AI with human-centric processes. Retain's primary goal is to simplify, automate, and transform the way businesses address and manage employee accommodation requests at scale.

Charlotte Dales, co-founder and CEO of Inclusively, remarked, "Accommodations are the silent champions of an inclusive work environment. With Retain, we're not just tweaking the system; we're disrupting how accommodations have been traditionally managed. We're in 2023, and it's time to move away from a medical model and embrace a more social approach to accommodations that every employee benefits from."

Retain isn't just a case management tool, it's a comprehensive solution tailored to bridge the gap between the needs of the employees and companies that want to build the most productive workforce. Its holistic approach ensures transparency around the accommodations process, taking into account the nuances of each request while building capacity at companies that are seeing a major increase in requests coming in. With a changing workforce landscape, post-pandemic work emphasizes mental health, flexibility, and breaks. As accommodation requests surge, Retain aids in meeting accessibility demands and future-proofs a company’s HR position.  

Sarah Bernard, co-founder and COO of Inclusively, shared her perspective on Retain saying, "Every creation at Inclusively stems from a desire to challenge the status quo. Retain is a manifestation of that very spirit. We've envisioned a world where every individual feels empowered to personalize their workplace needs, and Retain is our way of making that world a reality for enterprises. With Retain, we're reversing social norms around accommodations. It's about giving enterprise companies a tool that’s robust enough for their scale and enables each and every employee to reach their full potential."

  • Self-ID Centralization: A clear and confidential platform for employees to self-identify and learn about their accommodation needs.
  • Automation: Over 60% of the accommodation process is automated, significantly reducing overhead.
  • Cost Efficiency: Companies can achieve $200K savings for every 50 employees that self-ID and an average of $150K saved annually on related overheads.

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About Inclusively

Inclusively takes your employee experience, productivity, and retention to the next level. We help you unearth new talent and unlock the potential of your existing employees without disruption. Starting with the disability community, our platform provides integrated access to 1 million diverse candidates for roles based on candidate skills, experience, and accommodations. We also support companies who are learning to adapt to the increasing demands around workplace flexibility and the personalization of existing employees.

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