Industry Leaders Announce the Kava Coalition: A Global Initiative Advocating Science-Based Regulations and Global Consumer Access

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- Today marks the auspicious debut of the Kava Coalition, a nonprofit organization that protects consumer access and promotes kava, a culturally significant plant native to the Pacific Islands.

Kava, derived from the root of the Piper methysticum plant, has been used for thousands of years in traditional ceremonies in the Pacific Islands and is revered for its calming effects, offering a natural remedy for occasional stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are two of the biggest problems the world population faces. Kava is nature's best remedy for combatting stress and anxiety—better than sugar, alcohol, and other substances that come with a litany of social and physical side effects.

The global proliferation of kava has been hindered by regulations that often reflect outdated perceptions rather than current scientific consensus. Misconceptions about its safety profile, fueled by early studies with flawed methodologies, led to restrictive measures and even bans in several countries. These restrictions have impacted the economic potential of kava-producing nations and limited consumer access to this wonderful plant.

In order to preserve and enable access to kava to consumers worldwide, a concerted group effort led by kava stakeholders is needed to change existing regulations to better align with contemporary scientific insights, opening the door for kava's rehabilitated status on the global stage.

Kava Coalition's goal is to bring the benefits of kava to a global audience while preserving and honoring its cultural significance to the Pacific Island people. Kava Coalition’s mission is greatly supported by stakeholders across the entire industry, as evidenced by the following statements:

"Kava is a safe and revered plant throughout the Pacific Islands for relaxation and sharing with friends,” said Chris Kilham, author of "Kava: Medicine Hunting in Paradise." "The Kava Coalition is wisely and thoughtfully engaged in promoting the proper, healthy, and beneficial use of kava, and I enthusiastically support that mission."

"As a stakeholder who has been involved in every aspect of the kava industry for the past 15 years, it's a breath of fresh air to finally have a Kava Coalition led by industry stakeholders committed to moving the modern kava industry forward," said Tyler Blythe, a kava bar owner and vendor.

Kava represents a cornerstone for many Pacific Islands' economies, with an estimated value surpassing $200 million annually. This crop supports the livelihoods of thousands, fostering economic stability and growth. As demand for wellness products escalates globally, kava is a key export, enriching local agriculture and invigorating the Pacific economies.

The Kava Coalition invites industry participants, legislators, and consumers to be part of this significant endeavor. Their collective effort seeks to ensure that kava's rich history and cultural significance are protected and enhanced, with its benefits accessible to a global audience.

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