Ink Different Unveils the Definitive Tattoo School Guide 2023: Your Complete Reference to Tattoo Schools Across the United States

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TAMPA, FL -- As Ink Different Tattoos commemorates a successful decade of overseeing tattoo studios nationwide and proudly inaugurates its seven studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, the industry is abuzz with the release of the much-anticipated "2023 Definitive Guide to Best Tattoo Schools and Tattoo Apprenticeships Near Me". This comprehensive resource equips aspiring tattoo artists and novices with a profound understanding of the journey towards becoming a licensed tattoo artist and securing a tattoo apprenticeship in some of the cities across the nation.

Paul-Anthony Surdi, the founder behind Ink Different Tattoos and Tattoo School, reflects, "Our over decade-long journey of establishing tattoo studios from coast to coast has imparted invaluable insights. Each state, and often each city or county within a state, has its distinct perspective on tattooing, along with varying licensing regulations. Drawing from our extensive research as we expand, our next step was sharing a definitive guide that encapsulates the diverse tattoo apprenticeship options in the United States—a crucial resource for aspiring tattoo artists on their journeys."

As the sole operator of the United States' only nationwide tattoo school and tattoo apprenticeship program for over a decade, the Ink Different Tattoos team has accumulated a wealth of knowledge encompassing the establishment, management, and sustainability of tattoo studios.

Paul-Anthony further elaborates, "Many aspiring tattoo artists are often unaware of the implications of not having proper tattoo artist training and mentorship prior to applying for their license, especially concerning the skill level required to succeed in the profession. Truly learning how to keep themselves and their clients safe from infections diseases is a huge concern for us, when we think about people trying to learn to tattoo by themselves."

Driven by their distinctive perspective as operators of tattoo shops, tattoo schools, and tattoo apprenticeship programs spanning California, Connecticut, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and now Ohio, Ink Different Tattoos once again takes up the mantle of educating aspiring tattoo artists. Through their release of the "2023 Definitive Guide to Best Tattoo Schools and Tattoo Apprenticeships Near Me," they offer indispensable insights into the roadmap of successful tattoo education within the tattoo industry.

At present, tattoos cover the bodies of 50% of millennials, with workplace acceptance on a steady rise. According to IBIS World research, the tattoo industry boasts a staggering worth of $1.6 billion, registering a growth of 9.9% since 2017, with an additional 4.6% growth in 2023 alone. With some tattoo artists commanding $500 per hour and clients readily investing thousands of dollars for a single session, creative talents across the nation are recognizing the prospects of forging a career as tattoo artists.

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Ink Different Tattoos, renowned for its Tattoo School and tattoo apprenticeships, forms a nationwide community of artists and art enthusiasts who champion the future of the tattoo industry. Their distinct approach creates boutique-style studios that exude an art gallery ambiance, underscored by a culture that values client care, apprentices, and mutual support – the embodiment of a "Good Human" culture. Their mission is to ensure excellence and equal opportunity in the tattoo industry, achieved through their tattoo school and apprenticeship program that guarantees a job offer. The result is a dynamic, inclusive, and diverse artistic community that stands as a hallmark of the tattoo industry's inclusivity.

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