IrishCentral and Chptr Unite to Revolutionize Digital Memorials

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NEW YORK, NY -- Chptr, the vanguard platform for digital video-centric community memorials, is thrilled to announce an unparalleled collaboration with IrishCentral, the leading platform for Irish-interest news and culture. This groundbreaking alliance will launch a sensational new feature on IrishCentral’s website: Interactive Digital Memorials, a transformative evolution in the way we remember, honor, and celebrate lives.

Interactive Digital Memorials & Exclusive Packages

Forget what you knew about mourning and celebrating the lives of loved ones. With IrishCentral and Chptr's revolutionary new collaboration, Interactive Digital Memorials, the experience of remembrance has been reborn for the digital age. These memorials are far from the outdated, static obituaries that populate dusty corners of newspapers and websites. Instead, they provide a living, breathing digital canvas that perpetually evolves and richly captures the essence of a life well-lived.

By intertwining IrishCentral's masterful storytelling abilities with Chptr's technologies, we've created a platform that redefines how we commemorate our dearly departed. Each memorial is a vibrant, multimedia journey that deeply incorporates the legacy of your loved ones into the Irish and Irish-American narrative.

Utilizing embedded videos, rich timelines, interactive photo galleries, and even audio memories, these memorials become living testaments to the people they honor. Imagine a digital space where families can upload that cherished video of grandpa playing the fiddle at a family gathering, or where friends can contribute stories and photos that captured a person's humor, kindness, and spirit. Every memorial will be posted on as well as the Chptr app, where the community memorializing a particular person can participate and contribute. These are not just online repositories but sacred digital spaces where communities can converge, share, and contribute in real-time.

Remember and celebrate your loved one alongside your community with these exclusive packages by IrishCentral and Chptr:

  • Standard Digital Memorial - $49: This foundational package invites an unlimited number of contributors to build a digital monument filled with memories, photos, and sentiments. Complete with a personalized link, your memorial becomes an evergreen haven to visit and revisit, keeping the legacy alive for future generations.

  • Standard Video Package - $249: Elevate the experience with an orchestrated Memory Party session. Up to six participants can join a professionally guided remembrance, led by an award-winning journalist. This package not only gives you all the features of the Standard Digital Memorial, but it also enriches it with a 60-second video or slideshow, seamlessly integrated to capture the quintessence of your shared memories.

  • Premium Video Package - $849: For those who want to leave no stone unturned, the Premium Video Package provides an Extended Memory Party for up to 12 participants and a comprehensive 3-minute video that delves into the deeper stories, significant moments, and emotional arcs that shaped a life. This is the ultimate package for larger families or groups wanting a more in-depth tribute.

  • Memory Party: Each of the one-of-a-kind video packages includes the ability to host a Memory Party—a dedicated time for your group to gather on a private video call and talk through a set of memories with a Chptr storytelling expert. These clips are uploaded to a Chptr so others can interact with them. These sessions provide an opportunity for a community to come together and share memories, stories, and sentiments in a guided setting.

From the varied textures of individual stories to the broad strokes of a life's major milestones, these packages are your tools for crafting a digital tapestry that is both deeply personal and widely communal. They are more than just memorial options; they're heartfelt invitations to contribute to the shared history and collective memory of the Irish experience.

Why IrishCentral & Chptr: A Match Made in Heritage Heaven

When it comes to delivering impactful, Irish-centric news, features, and human stories, IrishCentral reigns supreme. With more than 5 million monthly page views and a network that spans across continents, IrishCentral’s reach is both deeply rooted and expansively global.

Chptr, on the other hand, is the undisputed industry leader in digital video memorials, reshaping the way we commemorate lives in an increasingly digital world. Their pioneering technology brings human connection to the digital sphere, ensuring that every life is remembered in the most extraordinary way.

This monumental collaboration is more than a merging of technologies; it's a synthesis of culture, heritage, and community. It captures the essence of what it means to be Irish—in the past, present, and future.

Community Impact & Engagement

"We are incredibly excited to offer this groundbreaking service to our audience. Not only does it give a platform for the Irish and Irish-Americans to celebrate the lives of their loved ones, but it also serves as a rich tapestry that adds new dimensions to our community's shared history," said Kate Hickey, CEO of IrishCentral.

"Rehan Choudhry of Chptr added, "This collaboration will forever change how we engage with memories and legacies. It is a significant milestone in our mission to enrich lives by providing a holistic, interactive experience that stands as a testament to human resilience and the beauty of storytelling. It's an honor to play a part in ensuring every person in the Irish and Irish-American community can now be remembered forever."

The Interactive Digital Memorials will be accessible through IrishCentral's website, optimized for a diverse range of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking initiative that redefines the way we honor our heroes and loved ones.

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