Kapture CX Forays Into the US Retail Energy Sector With Its AI-Powered Enterprise-Saas CX Platform

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CORAL SPRINGS, FL -- Kapture CX, a leading enterprise-SaaS player in the CX space has expanded its international operations into the U.S. energy retail sector with the launch of its highly verticalized enterprise-grade customer experience automation platform, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). 

As U.S. energy retailers grapple with intense competition and market transformation, Kapture's solution emerges as a pivotal investment for navigating changing consumer demands, economic challenges, and regulatory scrutiny. With features such as customer self-service portals, digitized interactions, AI-driven chatbots, and live agent assistance, Kapture boasts a 360-degree support automation platform that has emerged as a game-changer in enabling energy retailers to thrive in the evolving landscape.

"Our study of the U.S. energy retail sector has revealed a spectrum of consumer preferences, emphasizing a growing demand for choice and convenience," said Sheshgiri Kamath, CEO and co-founder, Kapture CX. 

"To win in this changing landscape, energy retailers should be more proactive and responsive to individual customer needs. Kapture CX, with its enterprise-grade AI-powered customer experience automation platform, offers highly verticalized solutions for energy retailers to deliver outcomes and quickly engineer advantage by moving their customer experiences from generalized to hyper-personalized, at scale," he added.

Kaptures new-age solution is recognized for its deep integration with EDI and billing providers to access multiple relevant data points and empowers the agent to make informed decisions. The platform capitalizes on data that automates mundane processes which in turn reduces AHT and significantly improves first-call resolutions. 

The automated and AI-infused platform gives the agent the power to access all relevant information in one single tab. Kapture's solution can also integrate with legacy systems and products to pull and push relevant data points which will empower agents to make informed decisions.

"Energy retailers run highly complex operations and need solutions that are built to address their vertical-specific needs to yield tangible outcomes in real-world settings," added Vikas Garg, CTO and co-founder of Kapture CX. Capitalizing on advanced generative AI, ML, and data analytics technologies, Kapture is leading the way into a new era of hyper-personalization and customer centricity that can help energy retailers realize huge commercial, operational and financial gains."

With this launch, Kapture CX is all set to reinvent customer experience for energy retailers, enabling hyper-personalized, 24x7, omnichannel support for end-consumers. By partnering with leading energy retail giants, Kapture CX aims to catalyze its market presence in the US, projecting a 10x growth in its operations, driven by the commitment to revolutionizing AI-driven customer experience for over 100 million end-users. Despite its consistent success over the years, Kapture CX raised $8 million in the previous year for its international expansion, mostly focused on the U.S. energy retail market.

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Kapture CX is a leading provider of customer experience management solutions, empowering businesses to enhance customer interactions, streamline operations, and drive growth. With a suite of intuitive tools, Kapture CX enables companies to harness the power of customer feedback to deliver exceptional experiences. Their clients are Nykaa, 1MG, Zepto, Meesho, Syska, Big Basket, Ford, Netmeds, Prestige, Tata, Wipro, and others.

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