Kava Coalition Celebrates Hawaii’s Kava GRAS Determination and Promotes Responsible Innovation

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- Today, The Kava Coalition applauded the Hawaii State Department of Health for its recent recognition of traditional kava's rich history and cultural significance, as reflected in the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) determination. This significant decision marks a positive step for the kava industry and underscores the importance of preserving and celebrating the heritage of this cherished plant.

The Kava Coalition emphasizes the pivotal role responsible product formulations and consumption play in ensuring the safety of kava. The focus should remain on accountable practices, differentiating between inadequate quality control and untested methods prevalent in the early 2000s compared to modern extraction techniques, such as supercritical CO2 extraction and standardized aqueous methods. These methods offer a safe means of producing kava extracts and maintain a chemical profile akin to traditional kava extracts, preserving the plant's beneficial properties.

While the GRAS determination is a positive step forward, The Kava Coalition is concerned with certain exclusions that could impact the future of kava-based products.

"Though the GRAS determination is a good thing for kava, we remain concerned that the GRAS determination specifically excludes kava extracts using organic solvents from this GRAS designation,"  said Matthew Lowe, Executive Director of the Kava Coalition. "Even though certain isolated kava extracts have drawn attention in the past, it is not true that all kava extracts are unsafe. As with everything, the devil is in the detail."

Modern extraction techniques, coupled with responsible product development, can benefit consumers worldwide, opening up new markets and introducing more people to the potential benefits of kava. This, in turn, contributes positively to the economic well-being of communities and countries reliant on kava for their livelihood and economic development.

The Kava Coalition advocates for embracing tradition while acknowledging that innovation is key to unlocking the maximum benefit for kava consumers and stakeholders. Prioritizing consumer safety through research-backed practices and quality control measures is crucial.

The Kava Coalition is committed to building bridges among key stakeholders, including the kava community, consumers, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and scientists. Through collective efforts, the Kava Coalition aims to ensure that kava, in all its forms, remains accessible to those seeking its benefits. By championing rigorous quality control, adhering to good manufacturing practices (GMPs), supporting scientific research, and promoting consumer education, the Kava Coalition envisions a world where kava is celebrated and enjoyed responsibly across the globe.

About the Kava Coalition

Kava Coalition, an alliance of kava consumers, experts, and industry leaders, is committed to advancing kava education, advocacy, and choice. Coalition members aim to empower individuals to make informed decisions about kava, promoting responsible and knowledgeable consumption choices. Kava Coalition seeks to preserve Kava's history and cultural heritage. The organization promotes awareness and appreciation for kava's traditional practices and cultural significance through educational initiatives and community engagement. Simultaneously, the Coalition advocates for modern regulation that reflects current scientific knowledge, ensuring consumer safety and product integrity. Kava Coalition is dedicated to creating a future where kava is widely recognized, understood, and accessible to those who seek its benefits.

For more information about Kava Coalition and its mission, please visit: https://www.kavacoalition.org/

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