Kava Coalition Encourages Industry and Advocates to Utilize Updated Entry in American Herbal Products Association's Botanical Safety Handbook

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- The Kava Coalition, a leading advocate for the responsible use and understanding of Kava, strongly supports and encourages the use of recent updates to the Kava entry in the American Herbal Products Association's Botanical Safety Handbook. As a comprehensive resource for manufacturers, practitioners, and consumers, the Handbook plays a vital role in promoting safety and informed decision-making within the herbal products industry.

The updated entry on Kava reflects the latest advancements in research and understanding of this revered botanical, including adding more than 45 new literature references. Through meticulous analysis of clinical trials, studies, and historical texts, the Handbook update provides invaluable insights into the safety profile of Kava, including pharmacological interactions with metabolism of drugs and supplements, other pharmacological studies of bioavailability and enzyme inhibition and analysis of adverse events and case reports.  

In addition, a new Food Use section is established in the entry, noting Kava’s history of traditional use as a beverage. The Editors’ Notes section is expanded to provide context for the distinct phytochemical profiles between traditional (water-extracted) and contemporary extraction processes using organic solvents. The Standard Dose section is also updated to recognize these different forms of Kava.

"We commend the American Herbal Products Association for their dedication to providing accurate and comprehensive safety information," said Matthew Lowe, Executive Director of the Kava Coalition. "The updated entry on Kava reaffirms its long-standing history as a safe and beneficial botanical when used responsibly. This important update will serve consumers as well as industry professionals and advocates who champion the responsible use of Kava."

Kava, derived from the root of the Piper methysticum plant, has been traditionally consumed in Pacific Island cultures for centuries. Known for its calming and relaxation properties, Kava has gained popularity worldwide for its potential to support mental well-being.

The Kava Coalition encourages its members and other stakeholders across the herbal products industry to utilize the updated information in the Handbook to promote safety and transparency in the formulation, recommendation, and use of Kava-containing products. 

For more information about the Kava Coalition and its advocacy efforts, please visit https://www.kavacoalition.org/.

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The Kava Coalition is dedicated to promoting the responsible use and understanding of Kava. Comprising industry professionals, researchers, and advocates, the Coalition strives to uphold the cultural significance and therapeutic potential of Kava while advocating for safety and transparency within the herbal products industry.

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