Kava Coalition Voices Support for Forthcoming Study on Kava Consumption

Ethnography of norms, perceptions in U.K., U.S., and Vanuatu

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LONDON, United Kingdom -- The Kava Coalition proudly announces its endorsement of an upcoming study conducted by Dr. Simon Gellar, focusing on the lived experiences of kava consumers in the U.K., U.S., and Vanuatu. Dr. Gellar's research delves into the intricate interplay of cultural norms, economic dynamics, and external drug policies, offering a nuanced perspective on kava consumption across diverse contexts.

Titled "Elixir of the South Pacific or Harmful Muddy Water: Examining the Consumption of Kava from a Cross-Cultural Perspective and the Lived Experience of Macro-Level Social Processes," the study is slated for publication later in 2024. Post-publication, the research findings will be disseminated through peer-reviewed channels and promoted by the Kava Coalition.

"Dr. Gellar's research is invaluable for kava consumers, producers, and regulators,” said Matthew Lowe, Executive DIrector of the Kava Coalition. “By establishing a scientific foundation for understanding kava consumption, we can foster responsible regulations that prioritize consumer safety."

Dr. Gellar's methodology involved conducting in-depth interviews with kava consumers in the U.K., U.S., and ethnographic fieldwork in Vanuatu. In Vanuatu, where kava has been ingrained in social and ceremonial practices for centuries, its consumption holds profound cultural significance. In contrast, the U.K. and U.S., lacking such historical use context, now witness kava consumption being adopted for therapeutic purposes outside conventional medicine or as an alternative to alcohol.

The study also addresses concerns over previous reports linking kava consumption to liver damage, which have been debunked, through discourse with people who consume Kava on a daily basis. 

"Our perceptions of kava, whether in Europe, North America, or the South Pacific, are multifaceted,” said Dr. Gellar. “This study offers a qualitative assessment of kava consumption today across different countries, shedding light on cultural nuances and policy implications."

The Kava Coalition is committed to amplifying the study's findings upon publication. "As members of the Kava Coalition, we are dedicated to educating consumers about kava through various channels, including social media, conferences, and retail platforms,” said Lowe. “Dr. Gellar's research serves as an invaluable resource for delivering evidence-based messages."

The press release concludes by encouraging stakeholders to stay tuned for the release of Dr. Gellar's study and to engage with the Kava Coalition's educational initiatives.”

Dr. Simon Gellar teaches criminology at the University of Kent in the UK, where he has worked since 2021.
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