Leap Years Launches #TakeTheLeap Campaign in Celebration of Senior Pet Adoption Month

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BOSTON, MA -- Leap Years, a trailblazer in NAD+ supplements for dogs, is excited to announce the #TakeTheLeap campaign which urges people to open their hearts and homes to aging dogs over 5 years old in honor of Senior Pet Adoption Month. For those who #TakeTheLeap (and provide proof of adoption), Leap Years will send a free month of their innovative, clinically proven daily chewable supplement which works at the cellular level to slow down aging in dogs, enhancing vitality, activity, and cognitive function.

“Senior dogs only have a 25% adoption rate as compared to 60% for younger dogs and are at greater risk of health issues or euthanasia,” says Dr. Ginny Rentko, Chief Veterinary Medical Officer at Leap Years. “Leap Years is committed to ensuring dogs lead healthier, happier lives. That is why we are encouraging people to take the leap and adopt a senior dog as a part of our mission to redefine the way we care for aging dogs.”

To further support pet owners in their commitment to their dogs' well-being, Leap Years is offering a 50% discount on the first month of the subscription using the code TRYLY50 at checkout. This limited-time promotion allows more pet parents to experience the transformative benefits of Leap Years' NAD+ supplement.
“The human-animal bond runs deep, especially as dogs age. Our goal with #TakeTheLeap is to celebrate these connections and encourage second chances,” says Dr. Rentko.
Leap Years invites everyone to visit leapyears.com for more information on the #TakeTheLeap campaign, how to get your free bottle and the innovative ways the brand is changing the aging game for dogs.
For more information, visit: https://leapyears.com.
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Leap Years is dedicated to enhancing the lives of dogs through its innovative Daily Chewable Supplement System. Clinically tested and proven, Leap Years' formula works at the cellular level to slow the physical and cognitive signs of aging in dogs, bringing more engagement, vitality, and mental fitness to our beloved pets.

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