Leaves of Leisure Launches Crowdfunding Campaign Offering Backers Interest on Their Investment

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NEW YORK, NY -- Leaves of Leisure, a luxury tea brand with a focus on zero and low caffeine teas, is proud to announce the launch of a crowdfunding campaign aimed at growing the brand and expanding into new markets. Hosted on Honeycomb Credit, the campaign seeks to raise $50,000 in funds to amplify the brand's unique blend of teas that focus on zero or low caffeine flavor profiles. In less than a year since the company's inception, they are already sold in 35+ boutiques across the US and recognized by publications such as Buzzfeed, Forbes, The Skimm, Parade, and more.

CEO and Founder Allison Ullo, embarked on the journey after her personal journey to quitting caffeine. Nearly a decade ago she realized the negative impact excessive caffeine consumption was having on her health. Leaves of Leisure is a testament to her commitment to providing consumers with an alternative to caffeine-laden beverages. The brand offers an exquisite collection of six herbal teas, each inspired by leisure activities and brimming with detoxifying, mood-enhancing, and overall wellness ingredients.

What sets Leaves of Leisure apart is its exclusive focus on zero and low caffeine teas, a paradigm shift in an industry where caffeine often takes center stage. With statistics showing that millions of Americans are addicted to caffeine, the brand is at the forefront of a growing trend toward healthier, low-caffeine alternatives.

The funds raised through this crowdfunding campaign will be allocated to various growth initiatives, including the introduction of new flavors, enhanced marketing strategies, improved shipping processes, professional photography, video production, and expanding the Leaves of Leisure team. A significant portion of these funds will enable the brand to reach a broader audience and strengthen its presence in the market.

Leaves of Leisure chose Honeycomb Credit as its crowdfunding platform for its unique approach to financing. Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms, Honeycomb Credit offers investment opportunities that earn interest rather than donations, making it an attractive choice for both supporters and the brand. Investors can start with a minimum investment of just $100, making it accessible for a wide range of backers and will earn 11.25% interest on their investment.

"I am excited to invite everyone who believes in the transformative power of tea and the beauty of leisurely moments to be part of our journey,” says Ullo. Our commitment to quality, wellness, and low caffeine with unique flavor profiles sets us apart in the industry, and with the support of our backers, we can expand our range of tea offerings." 

Leaves of Leisure's crowdfunding campaign, hosted on Honeycomb Credit, is now live and accepting investments from supporters. To join the movement and learn more about this innovative tea brand, visit the Campaign Page.

About Leaves of Leisure

Leaves of Leisure is a luxury herbal tea and botanicals brand founded by Allison Ullo. The brand's mission is to bring peace and pleasure to everyday life through caffeine-free teas inspired by leisure activities. Leaves of Leisure offers a collection of six exquisite herbal teas, each packed with detoxifying, mood-enhancing, and wellness ingredients that curate a sense of nostalgia and joy in every sip. The brand is committed to being organic, fair trade, family-operated, and woman-owned.


SOURCE: Leaves of Leisure

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