LoCompany Studios LLC Launches with Debut Short Film 'Mysterious Ways 23'

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- LoCompany Studios LLC, a media production company and publisher of video content, is excited to announce its launch in April 2023 with the release of its debut short film, Mysterious Ways 23.

Founded in 2001 by Carlos Garcia Aceves, LoCompany Studios LLC started as a custom auto publication and has now transitioned to a motion picture venture. The company will offer TV content, short films, and episodic web series.

Mysterious Ways 23 is a must-watch for car enthusiasts, as it is themed around automobiles and money while sharing a positive message. The film follows a drag race scene from Aceves' childhood memory in Back to the Future directed by Robert Zemeckis. With Aceves' unique vision and background in music and custom lowrider car designs, the film is expected to have stunning visuals and action sequences that are sure to impress.

Custom classic car garage owner Aceves is on course to becoming the next Hollywood director with the upcoming release of Mysterious Ways 23. In a recent interview, he stated, "Writers must know what issues are relevant to their audience. My choice was automatic for me: flashy cars, a beautiful woman, money, horsepower, and a moral reputation to uphold."

Aceves' is currently seeking co-producers for support to complete the production of Mysterious Ways 23. The budget for the film is $48,000, and he has raised about 50% of the entire fund.

To support this project and for more information, please visit www.locompany.com.

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