Lunaprise Moon Museum's Historic Lunar Art Landing Marks New Era of Creativity at Lunar South Pole (80.13°S, 1.44°E)

Celebrating the digital artistry and creativity of Kelly Max, Samy Halim, and the musical talent of Brayden Pierce, the museum marks a new chapter in inspiring unity and perseverance

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MIAMI, FL -- The Lunaprise Moon Museum proudly unveils a historic lunar landing, a testament to human creativity that transcends earthly bounds. This momentous occasion features the pioneering digital artworks of designer/artist Kelly Max, the imaginative creations of artist Samy Halim, and the captivating music of producer/artist Brayden Pierce, heralding a new era for art, music, and space exploration.

A Tale of Resilience and Inspiration

This event marks more than a milestone in technological achievement; it celebrates the enduring spirit of its contributors. Faced with potential extinction in 2022, the Modernist project, under the stewardship of Kelly Max and Samy Halim, not only survived but thrived, emerging as one of the most celebrated art collections both on Earth and now, uniquely, in space. Their journey from near dissolution to achieving a place among the stars highlights the resilience and unity that the endeavor inspired. This remarkable story of overcoming adversity underscores the transformative power of art and belief to foster hope and bring people together across the universe.

In 2022, Brayden Pierce, a multi-talented singer/producer/DJ, lost all of his recorded music to a fatal rainstorm. Introduced to the Lunaprise Museum mission by Kelly a year later, Brayden's artistic contributions have now carved a unique niche in the annals of space history with the song "Capture the Moon."

The Modernist Artworks: A Legacy Encased in Moon Dust

The digital "Modernist Art" collection, a collaborative effort between Kelly Max and Samy Halim, features the MoonRider piece, a digital tapestry carrying 180 names pivotal to their journey. This collection also comprises 420 Modernist originals and 9,724 generative Modernist genesis artworks. Selected for lunar preservation, these pieces embody human creativity and the collective spirit of innovation, expected to last over a billion years on the lunar surface.

Brayden Pierce: A Sound Pioneer

Brayden Pierce's contribution, the soul-stirring "Capture the Moon", becomes the first electronic dance song to grace the lunar landscape. Available in two versions: The Modernist Edition and the MOOON.PARTY Mix, Pierce's work symbolizes a bridge between worlds, echoing humanity's aspirations and dreams among the stars. Pierce states:

"Being part of this lunar legacy is an honor that transcends words, to have 'Capture the Moon' play among the stars is a dream realized."

MOOON.PARTY: Uniting Through Art and Music

The newest venture in the creative pack, MOOON.PARTY, co-founded by Kelly Max and Brayden Pierce, represents a groundbreaking fusion of art, music, and space, aimed at forging a global community that celebrates human achievement and connectivity. "Our work is a testament to what humanity can accomplish when we unite in creativity and purpose," says Kelly Max. "MOOON.PARTY is more than an event; it's a movement towards a unified, inspired future."

This new venture has already gained traction, not only with its inaugural event at 2023 Miami Art Week 2023 but also by programming and co-producing the Lunaprise Rocket Launch Gala at Kennedy Space Center on February 14, 2024, together with Space Blue. By blending art, music, space, and space content recording, MOOON.PARTY is set to redefine immersive entertainment experiences. Leveraging the backdrop of space, it aims to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

Kelly Max reflects on what makes this journey so unique:

"What's truly special about our work and this historic moment is our passion for sharing this incredible journey with the world, to foster unity, belief, and mutual respect. Through the Modernist collection's inclusive art, the MoonRider's celebration of collective contributions, and Capture the Moon's musical bridge to space, we aim to cultivate a sense of global connection. MOOON.PARTY transcends mere events—it's about crafting a lasting community, inviting all to embrace this new viewpoint. Our vision of Earth from the moon inspires us to dream bigger and offer a unifying perspective for humanity. The Moonview."

A Cosmic Canvas for Humanity's Best

The Lunaprise Museum, curated by Dallas Santana (founder of Space Blue), not only marks the establishment of the first extraterrestrial museum but also showcases the limitless potential of artistic expression. Through the preservation and authentication of digital assets using blockchain, this initiative promises to keep the essence of human creativity alive for eons, inspiring future generations to explore the unknown.

Dive into the Artistic Cosmos

Join us on a journey beyond the stars and immerse yourself in the Lunaprise Museum's extraordinary collection. Discover the stories behind the Modernist Artworks, experience "Capture the Moon" by Brayden Pierce, and be part of a community that's redefining the boundaries of art and music.

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