Mensai Launches OKX Big Data Ai-Based ‘Automatic Coin Trading’ Program

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NEW YORK, NY -- Big data analysis shows that as the role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) gradually expands in the financial market, the future of stock and coin trading is gradually being revealed. Among these, the recently introduced AI-based automatic trading program, ‘MensAi,’ has attracted the attention of many people by clearly demonstrating the performance of AI.

As AI’s role in the financial market grows gradually, AI’s potential in the field of stock and coin trading is increasingly emerging. AI is excellent at predicting market trends in real-time and making optimal trading decisions by analyzing past transaction patterns and large-scale big data. This performance of AI is clearly demonstrated by the recently released ‘MensAi,’ and many investors have expectations and interest in MensAi.

There is a slight difference between program trading and AI-based trading. A program trading is an automatic execution of an order of purchase or sale based on a predetermined price. However, trading through the use of AI involves the adoption of a method of analyzing real-time market conditions and determining the timing of optimal trading. To that end, AI makes decisions on trading using past famous indicators and various big data.

Especially, AI-based trading bots, including MensAi, show high returns. Even compared to the best traders, the AI’s performance is excellent, and in the long run, there is a difference in returns from 5 to 13 basis points (BP). MensAi is effectively leveraging AI’s trading solutions and the ability to choose coins to provide great value to users.

In the field of trading, there are opinions that AI cannot keep up with humans. AI performs excellently in terms of information processing speed and pattern recognition. We are living in a society where AI is highly likely to replace humans. However, where there is a need for decision-making in a new environment or a comprehensive judgment, it has yet to replace the human role.

The MensAi bot is also attracting attention in the area of virtual asset investment as an AI-based automatic trading solution. Financial operators and private investors have now become able to leverage AI to make efficient trading. The MensAi bot provides users with a variety of functions, including tracking and managing portfolios and analyzing transaction performance. Experts are predicting that the rise of AI-based automated trading will shape the future of stock and coin trading. As the performance and capabilities of AI continue to develop, the trading capabilities of humans and AI are expected to be incomparable, and the field of trading is expected to expand into the realm of AI. MensAI, attracts attention as the AI-based automatic trading solution.

A spokesperson from MensAi said, “AI-based automatic trading solutions will play an increasingly important role in financial markets and will shape the future of stock and coin trading. Also, users are expected to make efficient investments using AI intelligence and technology.”

Meanwhile, MensAi plans to become the world’s leading company in the market for AI automatic trading solutions at the start of global services in various countries including Japan and Thailand.


SOURCE: Maison du Soft LLC (mensai)

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