Mixpanel Connects to BigQuery to Help Teams to Easily Explore Consolidated Data

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Mixpanel, a leader in event analytics*, has released a new native connector for cloud data warehouse BigQuery, making it easier for users to quickly explore and gain insights from trusted data.

Syncing a cloud data warehouse with Mixpanel is significant because it allows different types of data like product, support, marketing or revenue, and the connections between those business domains, to be easily explored. Ultimately, this means companies can now measure the impact of the decisions they take right through to the bottom line impact.

For example, a user might ask 'which marketing campaigns have driven the most revenue?’ or ‘what’s our win rate against competitors in the following key markets? Answers are returned in seconds and displayed as visual Mixpanel charts that help teams collaborate around the same trusted view.

Adam Kinney, VP of Analytics at Mixpanel, said: “This is about breaking down barriers between teams. We’re not trying to replace data scientists or the strategic analysis they perform with BI tools, but we want to empower non-technical users to ask questions of their data without knowing how to code. This relieves pressure from the data team, increases data accessibility and improves collaborative decision making.”

"BigQuery creates extensive business value by helping customers connect their data to better optimize their performance,” said Rodrigo Rocha, Director of Global Partnerships at Google Cloud. By syncing data to Mixpanel via cloud data warehouses, customers can now explore trusted and consolidated data in seconds to improve business outcomes."

Dubbed ‘Warehouse Connectors', the new native integration is available to all Mixpanel customers that consolidate data with BigQuery. Synchronization is achieved without writing a single line of code and is already being trialed by select Mixpanel customers. This update follows the recent release of ‘Spark’, which integrated OpenAI’s Large Language Model so anyone can ask questions of their data in Mixpanel with generative AI.

“Warehouse Connectors allows us to seamlessly integrate Mixpanel with enriched data from BigQuery. This helps us unlock new insights without adding technical overhead transporting data between two systems,” said Pasha Putra, Data Science Lead at Zalora.

* About Event analytics

Event analytics captures every action (or event) that each user performs within a digital product, like an e-Commerce site or a ride hailing app. This very granular view helps companies understand how different groups of users behave at various points during their experience, to answer questions like: which cohorts of users drop off during sign-up? Using Mixpanel, it’s now also possible to understand the knock-on revenue impact of such customer experience issues. 
This approach is faster and easier than traditional Business Intelligence (BI) tools that require data to be prepared and tabulated, with BI queries coded in SQL. While BI analysis is valuable for specialized analytics teams, it is not as easily accessible for cross functional teams to help themselves to data explorations. That’s why event analytics is so crucial for teams that seek to democratize data access and collaborate on building the most effective digital experiences.    
About Mixpanel
Mixpanel is an event analytics platform that allows anyone to get answers from their customer and revenue data in seconds. It offers powerful real-time charts and visualizations of how users interact with digital products. Regardless of technical expertise, anyone can focus on what’s working, and spend more time on their best ideas with Mixpanel. To learn more visit: www.mixpanel.com


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